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Fading Numbers

Fading Numbers
An elderly woman recalls her experiences of the holocaust.

The Holocaust can never – should never – be forgotten. But how to keep the lessons alive for posterity, as time goes by and those who lived it age?

In Fading Numbers by Sean Ryan, Auschwitz survivor Alexandria attempts to do just that.  Visited by reporter David, she recounts the harrowing tale experienced by herself, mother Sasha, and little brother Peter. Though now “safely” in the past, it’s a horrific truth to confront – but as Alexandria herself says, one very much worthwhile.

Some believe this part of our history is best forgotten.
But I believe what these events taught us about ourselves...
About the evil of man, needs to be remembered.

As she recounts to David, one memory haunts her even now: her mother pleading through a hole in a camp wall to young German soldier Lucas for help:

This is all that is left of my family.

She pulls her children in closer to her.

Can you help us?
Our families were friends once.
We have done nothing wrong.
Please Lucas...

I can’t. They will...

Kill us? We’re already dying.
I talk to someone one day
and the next day they’re gone.

Sasha grips her children tighter. Lucas looks down at the two children, but quickly looks away.

But they will kill me.

Lucas can’t look at Sasha or the children, but instead looks at the ground.

So much lost – so many years ago. There aren’t many survivors left to tell the tale.

But reporter David has a secret – and a promise he was told to keep…

Though it requires a large cast and some production creativity, Fading Numbers is sure to be a film fest darling. Alexandria’s story very much worth telling. By her… and you, as well.

The Script

Fading Numbers

An elderly woman recalls her experiences of the holocaust.

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