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Fear Cubed

A night out leads to the puzzle challenge of a lifetime, and it’s all for science.

A military man, a twisted scientist with a Rubik’s Cube, and a girl with a Roofie walk into a bar… sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but for Darrin Mosby, there’s nothing funny about it. 

Writer Ian J. Courter presents us with a modern-day tale of a decade’s old scenario; how far will someone go to prove their scientific theory is beyond reproach?  What risks will they take to themselves, others, and what if they are wrong?  

When Darrin, a well-trained military soldier, discovers his drink has been roofied, he has only moments to react before he passes out.  Fortunately, a pleasant man he just met, Logan, reacts and helps him to the restroom so he can puke it out.  Twenty-four hours later, Darrin wakes to find himself seated at a metal table, a lone lightbulb illuminates the only object on the table, a Rubik’s Cube.

From speakers overhead, Logan’s voice welcomes him to the sealed room.  Part furious, part scared, Darrin smashes the chair against the door, but it only shatters into pieces.  Not giving up, he grabs a chair piece to try and pry the door open.

You're wasting your time.
Besides, there's an easier and faster way to get out.
Well, maybe not easier.

Darrin stops and looks at the ceiling, panting with exertion.

Good boy.  Now, take the cube.

Darrin tosses the chair piece aside and approaches the table.  He gives the cube a strange look, then picks it up.

The cube BEEPS softly. Darrin starts to toss it away...

Do not let it go!

But the methodical mind of the warped scientist has misjudged his latest lab rat.  Darrin learned more in the military than how to simply fire a weapon and kill someone; he learned a few puzzle games of his own, and not all in the light of day.  His ego in control, Logan refuses to believe what has happened, and makes the mistake of placing himself on equal ground with an equally clever opponent.

Fear, Cubed is a cat-and-mouse setting where the ubiquitous rodent not only finds his way out of the maze, but makes his tormentor choke on the very cheese used to taunt him.  With only two locations, limited cast members, and a snarky twist on the end, this story will make you stand up and cheer for the good guys! 


The Script

Fear Cubed

A night out leads to the puzzle challenge of a lifetime, and it's all for science.

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Clark is a produced and optioned screenwriter with a focus on Sci-Fi, Dark Dramedy, and True Stories.  Clark has successfully collaborated with Producers and other screenwriters on several projects.  Most of his projects are grounded in themes of "the haves and the have-nots", classicism, and coming-of-age characters.  Clark is open to writing assignments for features, shorts, and pilots.

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Ian has been a technical writer for over seventeen years and has published several professional journal articles, but his true desire has been screenwriting. So far, he has written fifteen shorts and seven feature-length scripts. He draws inspiration from a wide range of sources to include: a graduate degree in international relations and comparative government; over twenty years of military experience, including overseas combat tours; extensive time spent in foreign countries with immersion...Read more