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A simple wave and smile alters the life of a teenager.

High school trauma. The popular kids. The outcasts. The bullies. It’s a theme that’s been deeply explored in movies. The Breakfast Club’s an outstanding example, of course. But the cinematic list goes on and on. Which is only natural. Because finding one’s place in life and surviving the horrors of one’s teens? That’s a human, universal truth. In any generation you care to name.

Take Frank Reak for example (F.Reak, for those slow on the uptake.). Goth. And seventeen. A perfect target for bullying. As the script opens, poor Frank’s taking a toilet face bath in the men’s bathroom – courtesy of one of the all-stars of the football team.

The jock calls him a freak, and walks away. Leaving Frank simmering.

Later in the day, their paths cross again. This time, Mr. Jock’s on the field – celebrating his latest victory. And Frank’s in the stands with the rest of the geeks of the school band. Playing guitar on the sidelines.

And hiding a gun in the amplifier.

Will this end in tragedy? Another school shooting – more victims? Or does fate have something more in mind. For Frank. And his future…?

A micro short, Freak packs a lot of emotion into a single page. Perfect for a director on a mini-budget. But looking for maximum impact.

The Script


Pushed to the brink, two words change the course of one kid's life.

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