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Gone - But Never Forgotten

A teenage boy flees the family farm after suffering abuse from his alcoholic father.

The talented screenwriting team of Mary Goldman and Tim House bring us the touching short drama, Gone. As the script opens, teen Louie slinks into the family kitchen. Almost instantly, his Ma and younger brother Henry notice something’s… wrong.

When Louie asks where his Pa is, the tension in the air thickens. Ma herself is particularly keen to figure out the source of Louie’s discomfort before his father arrives home.

Louie’s lost the family dog, Lady. His confession is interrupted by the entrance of Pa – whose stern demeanour and drunken tendencies don’t help the situation or news.

Louie removes his jacket. Hangs it on a hook. His movements slow and deliberate. Ma knows her boy. She notices.

What's eatin' you?

Aw...Lady run off agin.

You're gonna git it now!

You mind yer own business, Henry.
Fer Chrissakes, Louie. Didn't Pa tell ya to keep her chained?

Yeah, I know...but she saw a squirrel...she just got away.

Now there's gonna be hell to—

PA (mid-30s, tall, weathered) enters with a stern expression. The family freezes.

Where the hell is Lady?

Ma remains silent. Louie looks at the floor.

Now, Earl...

Jesus, Louie. I done told you that bitch is untrainable.
How stupid can you be?

Quickly, the family dynamics become all too clear.

Pa’s that all oppressing force upon the household. And when he has a drink in him, his temper and brooding grows. That’s a danger Louie and his family know very well.

Later that night, a fireside conversation with his father is the catalyst for Louie to finally question his position within the household. Still: it’s one thing to want to escape an abuser, and yet another to actually see it through.

Will Louie pluck up the courage and confidence to flee the farm he’s called home all his life?

Family dramas that revolve around alcohol and abuse can easily fall into common tropes. But when genuine relationships are weaved into a tale, stories that cover such tender topics have the power to strike emotional gold. Such is the case with Gone. In every page, the threat of Pa feels real and imminent. Thanks to the easily obtained and affordable settings, Gone’s an indie producer’s dream, too.

If you’re looking for a drama to showcase terrific directing and acting – this powerhouse little script makes all the right moves!



The Script


A teenage farm boy flees the family farm after suffering abuse from his alcoholic father.

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