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Grenade - Start Counting...


A struggling war veteran and the grandson he barely knows together find a way to blow their pasts sky high.  

It seems like every family has at least one; the relative who just doesn’t seem to understand what it might mean to be a responsible adult.  When they’re around, all hell breaks loose.  But, fortunately, they’re almost never around.

Iggy, the young protagonist of Steve Miles’ Grenade, has several such adults in his life.  He can’t sleep at his dad’s house because his father doesn’t have a place for him to stay.  His mom’s boyfriend is history.  And his mom?  Well, she’s so harried, that Iggy spends his morning getting his kid sister and himself ready for school. 

And, then there’s Grandpa Bryn. Sometimes Iggy’s mom sends him to grandpa’s house on errands, but he doesn’t stay long.

What’s that?

What’s it look like?

A battleship.

Round Table Class Landing Ship’s what that is. What it was.

Was that the one you was on?

After a few failed strikes, a match takes. Bryn stares at the flame a beat before lighting the hob.

What’s your Ma’ told you ’bout me?

Iggy wavers, not really knowing how to answer.

She send you down to see if I was still here?

Iggy looks hurt. He pulls the envelope from his bag, drops it on the table.

Made me bring you this.

Iggy shoulders his pack, pauses at the exit.

She says you don’t like people. You don’t like work. You live on a boat so you can run away whenever you want, not have to bother with us.

With that, he slips out the hatch.

So, Iggy has no one to turn to each time the same group of boys wait for him to step outside to punch the living daylights out of him.

But, he does have an old grenade.  Iggy found it one day on a detour he made to avoid his assailants. He wasn’t going to tell anyone about it, but Grandpa Bryn discovered it in his bag one day. 

Iggy thought it was a dud.  But Bryn realizes that it’s not. And, what he plans to do with it will change Iggy and Bryn’s lives forever. 

Steve Miles has become a master of stories about people whose understandings about themselves and their histories are completely demolished by a seemingly minor interruption in their daily lives.

In this case, it’s a grenade. 

If you crave a film that explodes assumptions about dysfunctional families, you won’t want to miss Grenade. 

The Script


A chance discovery at an abandoned army barracks gives a bullied youngster a chance to reconnect with his errant grandfather.

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