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Her End - Is it in Sight?

Her End
A woman decides to end her life instead of starve to death on a desert island.

Single character scripts are a unique sort of animal. They’re a dream come true for actors – a chance to take the stage and really shine. As for storytellers… they’re a challenge. Because conflict usually takes two. So how can a writer keep their audience engaged, staring at just one person?

Well, keeping it brief and intense really helps. Life and death level stuff. Don’t think it can be done? We’ve got one word for you: Castaway.

Similar to Tom Hank’s character, the unnamed protagonist in Her End is marooned. And based on her famished frame, she’s been on her island for awhile. As the script opens, she’s hard at work. Lugging around a heavy rock. And writing a message in the sand.

…but her message isn’t “Help”. She gave that up, some time ago. Now it’s just a matter of tying up loose ends. And saying her final goodbye.

Will she go through with it? And what does she leave behind? This script may not have a “Wilson”. But the emotion’s there, all the same. With an end that could take an audience’s breath away.

The Script

The Last Flight

A hero chooses to go out on her own terms. (new title)

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