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I Swear, Inc - take a f**#@%% chance on this great premise

They say the most honest people swear a lot. Well, I like to – bleepbleepbleep – believe that’s true. But given the colorful variety of obscenity, who comes up with this s*** day by day?

I Swear Inc. gives us one legtimiate theory: a humorous comedy with an edge of darkness and a happy ending. (Don’t you dare make a joke – there are no innuendos here!)

Still: only a real dumb %!**#@ would let this script slip away.

In I Swear Inc, time’s running out for Doug and Ralph – the mastermind creators of I Swear Incorporated. What the Hell (oops, “Heck”) is ISI? A super-secret company that every year has to find the new ‘it’ word. One every foul-mouthed curser would love to say.

It’s a job Doug and Ralph take quite seriously. But this year’s been tough… they’re running out of time to find their gem. Determined to exhaust all creative outlets, the two even resort to a little torture on their road to discovery. But never fear: all victims are voluntary and compensated. These gents are professionals.

As with any good service, you need a sample group to trial your product on. With the help of their testers, profanity (or ‘Sentence Enhancing’ as Doug and Ralph prefer to say) is bound to evolve every year. By leaps and bounds.

Do you have a (*&()(*#& idea where this is leading? Well, they THINK they’ve found a gem in “kackersquat”:

I’ve had just about enough of your

Ralph considers his statement.

Kackersquat… hmmm…
(shaking his head)
Too long. Doesn’t roll off the tongue.

It’s a shame kackersquat didn’t make it, but take a look at I Swear Inc. And imagine what did make the grade!

What makes a script truly great? Take a simple idea and bring it to its logical (comedic) conclusion. It worked in The Hudsucker Proxy, and it could work for you as well. If you’re the smart director you think you are, take a f**#@%% chance on this great premise. And get 2016 off to a roaring start!

Pages: 5

Budget: Very affordable. A room and some comedic stars is all you need!

The Script


Since 1959, a secret company has existed whose job is to place one curse word into the English vocabulary every year -- in order to keep the language thriving and on the cutting edge.

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