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Lyssa's Child - Childhood is never easy...

A psychologist records the daily life of a recluse who claims to be stalked by a malign entity.

A well written script can capture a reader with words and make them feel every movement and emotion within a piece. Lyssa’s Child is such a work.

With an absorbing style, author Steve Miles has crafted an exceptional short horror/drama. Through his vivid writing style we feel genuine emotions of fear, intrigue, loss and pity, which pull the reader into this screenplay and refuse to let them go.

We open on a phone call where our protagonist, Duncan, is being brutally attacked in the street by someone. Duncan is a mysterious character who’s layers are slowly peeled back by psychologist, Edith Moore, throughout the piece.

Through her patient questioning, Edith probes gently at the fragile man that sits in front of her. Duncan is a ball of bruises and anguish, one that is likely to be cast aside by another professional, but she wants to help this mentally scarred and tormented individual.

As Duncan starts to let Edith in, he leads her through his past life and into his present. His family upbringing was not without love, but there is something that seemed to have haunted them. That same something now stalks Duncan, keeping him on his toes and not allowing our protagonist to let his guard down for a moment. Edith, through her kindness and dedication to her patient, is brought into his life and will witness first hand the terror and torment that stalks him.

Duncan heaps several spoons of sugar into his mug.

Dad never had rules, he just took to hiding.

Did he ever talk about it?

The war hadn’t left him with much to say.
See it in his eyes, he were just...gone.
One day he weren’t there at all--

A cuckoo bursts from the clock above Duncan -- CUCKOO!

Shit off!

He’s on his feet, poised to strike. The bird slowly draws back into the clock-face.

Duncan it’s okay, you’re safe--

You don’t know safe.

In lesser hands a screenplay such as this could descend into the usual generic tropes, but through the expert writing of the author the script is an excellent read. Steve’s work moves in different directions, dragging the reader with it, the pace rising and falling, the tone darkening and lightening, and we feel genuine sympathy for Duncan and his struggle against his tormentor.

If you are a producer or director and are looking for a drama/horror script that can leave an impression on an audience and be made on a budget, then look no further. Lyssa’s Child is an exceptional short script that is just waiting for someone to bring Duncan and his story to the screen.

The Script

Lyssa's Child

A psychologist records the daily life of a recluse who claims to be stalked by a malign entity.

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