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Off Grid

In the not-too-distant future, you're either a Prime member or you'll pay premium for basic services.
A man living off-grid and unplugged has had enough.

Imagine what would happen if an injured Mad Max needed roadside medical assistance in the middle of the Australian outback.

Writer John Staats takes a darkly delicious shot at what our subscription service-oriented society might look like years from now. The Earth has endured an event that has left most of the world a barren, desert wasteland.  Barren or not, the few humans left still need a little robotic help now and then…  how much help one can get is a question of membership level.

When his outdated Tesla SUV runs out of juice from its after-market solar panels, our aging, old school, main character, Bryson, his hand injured from some unknown buzz-saw induced altercation, realizes he’s not going anywhere without calling 9-1-1.

(computer automated)
Amazon 9-1-1. Please state your emergency.

I need medical assistance.

I see that you are calling from an unregistered satellite phone off sector.
Please state your name.

Aw, Christ.

And your given name?

Bryson gets a devilish grin and chuckles.

Jesus. Heh-heh.

I'm sorry. We have no record of a Jesus H. Christ as an Amazon Prime member.
Would you like to subscribe? Say yes, or no.

At Bryson’s request, Amazon Security and Medical Drones are dispatched to his remote location, and let’s just say that he has no intention of playing the victim to overzealous security protocols.

Off Grid” is a richly dark, irreverent, and comedic look at what may happen if our society continues to rely so heavily on the convenience of automation to satisfy our every need.  The frightening part of this story is that it is so believable that the twist ending will provide you with an “I would do the same thing” reaction.  With a cast of one pissed off human, two droll drones, and the hot sands of humor, this short has all the trappings of evolving into a full feature film.

The Script

Off Grid

When it's either Prime or premium for basic services, a man has had enough.

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