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Photos - Get the Picture?

A Polaroid camera takes disturbing pictures as a couple begins to fade out of existence.

A finely tuned horror doesn’t need extensive props or convoluted story lines to conjure up evil scares. In fact, a stripped back tale often offers even more intrigue and terror - when executed just the right way!

Michael H. Good has created just such a script in Photosa five page short that keeps the reader hooked by utilising classic horror beats, laced liberally with confusion and fear.

We open with two teens, Veronica and Zoe.  When we first encounter these lovers, they share a private moment of passion in a romantic candle lit room. After the girls finally break from their embrace, Veronica drags the final "character" in this piece out from under the bed: her old Polaroid camera.

Though initially confused by the antique machine, Zoe proceeds to take selfies. The flash blinds the girls, causing a few seconds of searing pain to their eyes.  But it's ultimately the strange photographs the camera produces which allude to a more sinister concern.

Veronica trains the camera at Zoe. She smiles. 

SNAP. Zoe shrugs her eyes from the light.

My eyes.

The photo bursts out of the camera. Veronica blows, then wiggles the photo. She inspects the photo.

Your hand is missing.

She throws the picture to her lap. Zoe looks.

What kind of camera is this again?

Maybe it’s over-exposed. Let me snap a few again.

Just as a horror writer is challenged in how they approach a piece of work, producers and directors are equally so.

Photos gives horror film makers more than just a compelling story to work with - but also visual set pieces loaded with tons of potential. At five pages, this short script's is an effortless little read, one that can be "developed" like an old photo - into a directing gem!


The Script


A Polaroid camera takes disturbing pictures as a couple begins to fade out of existence.

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