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Pillow Girl - Hittin' Hard!

The Painful Side of the Pillow
Pillow Girl is determined to fight to create a better society.
But, evil is lurking in some very unexpected places…

Who has never experienced a desire for superpowers to miraculously make the worst of their troubles merely disappear? Most comic strip and film superheroes fall into “superherohood” because of some unplanned event-such as being born with superpowers, drinking some potion, or suffering an accident- that permanently alters their physical constitution and consequently limits their ability to pursue other less noble career goals. Sometimes reluctantly, other times enthusiastically, they choose to pursue their calling and bravely set out to eradicate evil.

For Tabitha, the protagonist in Jason K. Allen’s latest work, The Painful Side of the Pillow, becoming a superhero is a conscious decision. From a young age, she knows that she would like to deploy her budding pillow-fighting abilities “… to make a positive impact on society.” She determinedly develops her skills to become the superhero she always wanted to be …Pillow Girl.

In the tradition of superheroes like the Electric Company’s Letterman, Pillow Girl is a gentle superhero. She doesn’t kill off villains or save the world from total destruction. She simply encourages people to do the right thing. And, she achieves that with a superpower that is comic. Viewers will love the campy humor as Pillow Girl thwarts everyday minor transgressions to the raving praises of the witnesses to her noble deeds.

There is so much fun in this piece that viewers will be surprised when the story twists to reveal a dark side to Pillow Girl’s trajectory of which even she was unaware, along with an enemy she had no idea existed. 

The Painful Side of the Pillow proves both entertaining and extremely provocative as it probes common understandings about heroes and villains, strength and weakness, and good and evil. You won’t rest until you see this one!

The Script

Pillow Girl

As a little girl, Kayley never lost a pillow fight. Now an adult, she decides to use this talent to fight evil and impact the world.

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Jason Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, TN. He is also a wilderness guide, nature photographer and award-winning journalist. His first produced screenplay was the 2009 feature comedy Lucky Fritz, starring Corey Feldman and Julia Dietze. Since then he's won Best Screenplay honors at...Read more