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Scarecrow - Think You're Scared... Now?


An abused young girl is helped by a friend during a solar eclipse.

Scarecrows. Kind of like clowns in pop culture, they’re absolutely terrifying. Don’t believe us? Rent any number of Scarecrew titled films. Or even better: Jeepers Creepers.

And yet – must it always be so? After all, there’s that Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. That’s as benevolent as an icon it gets.

And so it is with Scarecrow, by Chris Keaton. His titular character isn’t evil. You might even say it’s a friend.

At least to little Carly. An eleven year old, growing up in poverty, in Middle America’s cornbelt. A country girl through and through, Carly doesn’t have many friends. There’s that Scarecrow she talks to from time to time. And her Pa Jim. But recently, Pa’s had his mind on other things. Chatting sweet with a woman from town, while Carly plays alone in the fields. And it’s kind of good to see Pa happy. Because when he isn’t, off comes his belt.

One night, Carly hears Pa talking on the phone with his new lady friend. Accusing her of easedropping, he gives his daughter a thorough thrashing. The next day, he uncovers an old water well in the fields. Sparking a monstrous idea. He lures Carly to the edge, shoves her in –

Leaving Carly abandoned and helpless in the middle of nowhere. Or will someone (or something) come to her aid?

Despite the sinister overtones, Scarecrow is actually a charmingly sweet script. A drama more than anything else. About the innocence of childhood, mixed with a tiny touch of magic.


The Script


An abused child finds help from an unexpected friend.

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