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Seen Nor Heard

Seen Nor Heard
A socially anxious thirty-something who can't make himself heard
on the weekly lockdown Zoom quiz starts to gradually fade out of existence.

If you’re invisible, is it your fault? Writer Nick Padmore introduces us to Jamie, who suffers from social anxiety. A lot.

You would think Covid lockdown would help. But even during a weekly Zoom get together with friends, Jamie’s isolation and discomfort grows. Leading him to feign internet trouble to avoid conversations and games he’d rather not indulge in at all. We’ve all had those moments… right?

Sorry. I've been onto them but there's this big backlog right now. Really annoying.

Seth nods along, like he's bored.

So, shall we quiz?

We shall.

Jamie sits back in the sofa, zoning out of the conversation.

Alright, pens and paper at the ready.
The first round is called 'What the Dickens?'
I'm going to describe a Dickens character and
it's up to you to name them. Okay?

Well I'm screwed.

I thought that was Seth?

Nicely done.

Nobody's getting screwed right now.
Okay, question one: a cold exterior betrays an
insecurity over the job he does, and the people he protects.

Jamie's in his own world, not hearing anything. He snaps out of it and quits the call. Then he takes out his phone and writes a message: 'Wifi went down. I'll keep trying but carry on without me.'

He presses send, snaps the laptop shut, and collapses into the sofa like he's just run a marathon.

A creative, sneaky and effective dodge. But Jamie’s ordeal has just begun.

Because each successive time he logs on to chat, Jamie’s about to find a little more of himself… gone.

If you could be more confident, would you? At what price? What if meant losing yourself in the process – both figuratively or in real life?

Easy and affordable to shoot, Seen Nor Heard is a creepy Twilight-Zone-esque tale which tackles that universal human question… as seen through a modern, digital lens.


The Script

Seen Nor Heard

A socially anxious thirty-something who can't make himself heard on the weekly lockdown Zoom quiz starts to gradually fade out of existence.

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