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Super Scoop - News to Win Worlds By....

SUPER SCOOPLois Lane's interview of Wonder Woman reveals the true Princess inside.

Everyone’s got an opinion on it.

No, not Trump, nor which flavour of Pop Tarts are the best, but the box office billions made by superhero movies. Are they worth the hype? Or the ticket sales?

Yes, big budgets have delivered big bucks - ever since Tim Burton unveiled his first Bat Cave. But while complicated plots and jaw dropping effects sequences are now the norm, the human side of these heroes rarely takes centre stage.

Super Scoop changes that, pitting two well-known DC characters against each other in a battle of words and wits, in a location us mere mortals know too well.

A Starbucks. Yup. No blockbuster budget needed for this one. Just one Lois Lane and one Diana Prince/Wonder Woman talking over a Metropolis cup of joe.

Wild concept, isn't it? But when you get into this story, it’s the content of their speech that makes this script so off the wall.

You see, Lois’s snagged an interview with the elusive heroine, and is determined to get the inside scoop on everything from the origins of her name to her latest flame.

And the scoop she gets isn’t the one she expects. Diana is very…open in her answers, a bit too open for Lois, in fact. And her opinions on fellow “super” heroes, especially that Clark Kent, create far more tension between the two than one might at first expect.

Tension that leads to a rather…bittersweet parting.

A simple but hilarious parody of modern media interviews and superhero flicks, Super Scoop highlights a side of one of DCs finest creations that’s never been seen before on the big screen. Directors: scoop this one up while you can!

The Script

Super Scoop

Lois Lane's interview of Wonder Woman reveals the true Princess inside.

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