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The Plague Doctor - What Truly Ails Us Might Not Be Visible At First Sight...

The Plague Doctor

“Sometimes things that plague us aren’t just our imaginations at work.”

Do you believe in things you can’t explain? Ghosts, apparitions, non-corporeal entities of every design? 

Many films have been made about what exists beyond the earthly realm of the living but what happens when the living can’t imagine existing past a certain age?  When the possibility of becoming a ghost, apparition or something else altogether is more real than anything on earth? 

Nine year old Liam is a normal fourth grader who hates riding the school bus because of bullies and has a crush on a girl in his class. A regular kid…until he isn’t anymore. He and his mother receive devastating news about his health. Together, they start to cope with how different their lives are in light of this new reality. 

Childhood sicknesses like common colds and chickenpox affects virtually every kid but a smaller percentage are affected by more serious health issues. According to the CDC, one of the leading causes of death in children ages 5-14 is cancer. Liam is one of those kids.

On the first day of his new life, something strange appears to him in the dim light of his bedroom. Something from the shadows. Something that he can’t explain. 

The Plague Doctor. 

He reveals himself to children, shroud in layers of darkness, never revealing his true intentions. 

Liam isn’t sure if this doctor means him help or harm. And he can’t articulate who or what the apparition is to anyone. Not even his mother, whose mind is consumed by her son’s grave diagnosis. 

As Liam’s fragile health declines, it seems that he encounters the Plague Doctor at every turn. But one day, the doctor steps in silently to help Liam when he needs it most and one is left to wonder why this interaction is different from all the rest. Does this mean Liam’s time on earth has run out after just nine short years? 

Rooted in realism, Mennella tackles childhood illness with a sensitive somberness. It’s dark and delicate in a way that not many scripts have mastered. 

This is unlike any mystery you know. With vivid imagery, a believable concept and a lovable main character, Plague Doctor will grab you from Liam’s first line. 

This script will keep you reading until the very end to answer two fateful questions. 

Does Liam survive? And what is the Plague Doctor?  Is he a Bearer of Good Tidings - or Doom?

The Script

The Plague Doctor

A young boy fighting the battle of his life encounters a strange but intriguing entity, The Plague Doctor.

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