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The Putt Putt Preacher - Wanna Score a Hole in One?


For Father Mahoney, it’s not just a game…it’s an act of God. And, a religious calling has never been funnier.

You ever wonder what the heck goes through the mind of a man of the cloth as he strays from his calling to pursue an obsession? Is it arrogance that blinds him to the potential consequences of his actions? Or, does he truly believe to be commanded by a higher power?   For Father Mahoney, the protagonist of Jason K. Allen’s “The Putt Putt Preacher” it’s all of the above…and more. This priest takes hubris and an unshakeable belief in godly duty to absurd and hilarious extremes.

His obsession?   Putt putt. He plays it A LOT. And, when he’s not playing, he’s expounding on the merits of the game or the amazing putting skill he possesses. The Father believes not only that he has been called upon to play the game, but that he plays it better than anyone…even Tiger Woods.

Utilizing mockumentary, the script centers on an interview with Father Mahoney interspersed with expert opinions and live footage that comically contradict his claims. For, as often happens with public figures who digress, Father Mahoney is convinced that he is above the rules of the game. As Father Mahoney calmly explains, “I play by God’s rules. And, if God tells me I get a do-over, I get a do-over.”

You haven’t seen the likes of Father Mahoney since Almodovar’s convent turned drug den in Dark Habits, or Jack Black turned wrestling champion in Nacho Libre. Indeed, Putt Putt Preacher makes holier-than-thou hypocrisy side-splittingly and wholly entertaining.

The Script

The Putt Putt Preacher

The story of Father Ralph Mahony, a gentle man of the cloth when behind the church podium but a take-no-prisoners warrior on the putt putt course.

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