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The Resident - Time to Leave

When the apocalypse comes, one care home resident refuses to take it lying down.

In the bed, BEN (80s) lies awake, a towel and razor abandoned on his chest. Shaving cream flecks his face and his blank eyes stare at nothing. Next to the bed, an empty chair.

FOOTSTEPS approach from down in the hall, running. He looks to the sound.

A NURSE races by his door. Her footsteps fade. A door bangs.

Ben's eyes shift to the window. Outside, a car starts. The tires spit gravel as it peels away. Then silence again.

When his nurse fails to return, Ben investigates and soon discovers it’s more than his daily shave that’s been abandoned.  Grabbing his slippers, Ben negotiates the confines of the Burton Lodge Nursing Home, shuffling his way to freedom in a bid to see what all the fuss is about.

Outside, he finds a world of blue sky, lost dogs, and impending disaster.  For Ben, it’s a moment of clarity as the looming destruction awakens memories of lost love and a chance to reach into the past and live out his dreams one last time.

Dawn Johnston’s The Resident is driven by mystery and neatly wrapped up with a bittersweet nod to the past.  This dialogue-free short script packs a lot into its 3 pages, delivering a simple story with universal appeal.  A great short for both first-time filmmakers and more experienced directors looking to grow their portfolio with heartfelt, visual storytelling.

The Script

The Resident

An old man who's been abandoned in a locked ward finds his way to freedom.

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Started writing scripts around eight years ago after realising his social life was vastly overrated. Enjoys writing in a variety of genres but leans toward raw, grittier characters and the worlds they inhabit - from the deadly serious to the darkly comic. Drinks coffee, owns an unhealthy amount of plaid and uses a calculator for the most basic of sums.Read more

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I'm a Canadian screenwriter who specializes in drama, dramedy and elevated sci-fi exploring contemporary themes. My short script GOODBYE TODAY was produced and another short, LET’S TALK ABOUT KANT, (found on Script Revolution) is currently in post-production in the UK with director Michael Das. My feature script MOTHER was a Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist and I am developing a modern adaptation of a classic book with director/producer Barnet Bain (WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, MILTON'S SECRET...Read more