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Treat - Or Is It Trick?

Trick?  Or treat?  Do they dare open the door to find out?

Bad weather can sure put a damper on vacation plans.  Having to make a detour to an unknown place due to inclement conditions is particularly frustrating.  It’s that much worse when the only available place to stop for shelter is seedy or otherwise uninviting.  And, there’s no dining facilities.  And, the vending machine is all but empty.  And, the person behind the desk is unhelpful.  Or, the other guests are annoying. Or no rooms are even available.  But, when all of these possible scenarios come together, well… it’s what you might call a perfect storm.

Steve Miles short horror piece, Treat, adds a touch of terror to top off such a worst-case travel scenario.  Young Denise and Lyle, still clad in their souvenir t-shirts from Super Smiley Fun-Park Land, find themselves stranded in a dilapidated motel together with Howard, a fifty-something year old construction guy who has just poured himself what seems to be the last of the complimentary coffee as he flips the page on the desk calendar to the right date.  It’s Halloween.

The old motel owner, Percy, enters with his arm full of blankets.  But, when he notices the calendar he immediately begins to tremble.  Then there’s a knock on the door.  Percy warns his guests not to open it, under any circumstances.

Denise and Lyle try to reason with Percy.  After all, it’s probably just some unlucky folks caught in the same storm they had escaped earlier that evening.  Howard watches the exchange, amused, while maintaining his post in the doorframe that he convinced will save him from any natural disaster.  Percy stands his ground.

The KNOCKING comes again. Impatient.

I’m sorry, Mister.

He moves to the door, takes hold of the handle -- Percy’s boney hand clasps his.

He looks back into Percy’s frightened eyes.

Motel’s closed.

A VOICE from outside, a rasped, almost mocking tone.

Trick or treat?

The colour drains from Percy’s face.

They’re just children--

Percy clamps a hand across her mouth.

Is Percy just a crazy old motel keeper?  Or, is there something truly evil lurking outside?  If you haven’t had your fill of terrifyingly delightful films about storms, old hotels and deadly danger awaiting on the other side of doors, you’ll be dying to see Treat on screen.

You probably won’t be the only one…

The Script


Stranded in an isolated motel on Halloween, a group of strangers faces a dilemma when the elderly proprietor refuses to open the door to a cry for help.

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