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Y2K - How Does the World End... For You?

A man is convinced that the New Year will bring an end to life as we know it. 
And, he refuses to be disappointed.

There’s no denying that the dawn of the millennial brought with it a number of glitches.  There were academic calendars that added years of classes to the current semester, Medicare checks that weren’t paid on time, ATM cards that no longer worked, library systems that added decades of fines for overdue books and some people’s work calendars indicated that they were no longer employed as it was years past their retirement date.  Doomsday fanatics’ pride may have suffered, but humanity survived.

But, if things don’t go the way it’s expected on the Armageddon calendar, one can always take things into one’s own hands.  Like Bert.  Bert is the protagonist of Y2K.   He has a plan.  And, a backup plan. 

The plan looks pretty much like any ordinary survivalist’s plan.  Stock up on food.  Canned food.


Bert picks up a can of tuna, reads the label, places it in his shopping cart.
He swipes the rest of the tuna from the shelf with his arm into the cart.

Check.  Stock up on water. 


The hatch opens, Bert stands outside, loads bags upon bags of groceries into the car.
Bert pushes the cart away, then reappears with a cart full of gallon jugs of water.

Check.  Buy lumber to board up the windows. 


Bert opens the hatch, tosses lumber and 2x4s into the car.
He slams the hatch closed.


The woman in the basement? That’s his hostage.  A pretty woman whose face adorns a collection can in the neighborhood restaurant where Bert just ate breakfast. 

Bert feeds her.  And, then inspects his gun to makes sure that it is loaded. If nothing happens at midnight other than the Times Square New Year’s Ball landing at One Times Square, Bert is prepared.  

Audiences will love the pace of this script that shifts gracefully from the tempo of a day-in-a-life story to a surprise-of -your-life twist in the course of six pages.   Don’t wait until the expiration date of your canned goods to check out this apocalyptic tale!

The Script


A survivalist must decide what to do when the world doesn't end.

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