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Brandi Self Options "Bargain Store"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Brandi Self who has optioned "Bargain Store" to Robert Sabastian Webb. This is now Brandi's third success story on Script Revolution thanks to the way they have embraced the platform to its fullest, this time being a short story about a disgruntled small-town bargain store worker that meets a soldier who encourages her to stand up to her perverted boss.

About The Writer

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Produced/Optioned Screenwriter 

I create surreal, carefully constructed stories that dissect love, morality, oppression, identity, alienation, and stagnation by catapulting characters into sometimes absurdly juxtaposed worlds where they must use self-examination as a tool for escape and redemption. 



Rod Serling/Twilight Zone

Charlie Kaufman 

David Lynch

Franz Kafka



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