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Erick Freitas Sells "Corners"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Erick Freitas who's sold his script "Corners" to Indian director Faisal Hashmi. The feature length horror script focuses on a a failing podcaster who, after the death of his child, goes to a cabin in the woods to record a podcast on possession only to accidentally summon a demon on himself.

About The Writer

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Erick Freitas is a writer/actor/director from NY/NJ. He's written three short films and directed one. He's also written for multiple franchise comic books such as "Judge Dredd", "Godzilla, and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". While also creating his own original IP such as Amazing Forest, Oort, and GimmeDatMummy. Other accolades include being selected as a 2nd Rounder in Austin Film Festival 2018, 2020 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Finalist, 2019 Filmmatic Horror Festival finalist, and...Read more