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Jason K. Allen Options "Float, Swim, Dream"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jason K. Allen who's optioned his short Float, Swim, Dream to London-based filmmaker Pedro Oliveira. Pedro worked as a 3D animator on the films Matrix: Resurrections and No Time to Die, the TV series His Dark Materials, and video games such as Candy Crush. He's is now looking to make his own films and he says this short about a lonely goldfish who dreams of escaping his fish bowl so that he can fight zombies, halt global warming and meet Justin Bieber was just what he was looking for as an aspiring animation director and producer.

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Jason Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, TN. He is also a wilderness guide, nature photographer and award-winning journalist. His first produced screenplay was the 2009 feature comedy Lucky Fritz starring Corey Feldman and Julia Dietze. Since then he's won Best Screenplay honors at the Nashville Film Festival, San Diego Film Awards, Mountain of Laughs Comedy Fest, TSA Screenwriting Awards, and Artlightenment Film Festival, and is a seven-time finalist of the Nashville...Read more