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Jason K. Allen Options "The Seashell", "#$@&%*!", and "Straight Talk with Suzie and Santa"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jason K. Allen who's optioned The Seashell, #$@&%*!, and Straight Talk with Suzie and Santa. His comic-fantasy short The Seashell has been picked up by L.A.-based producer John-Michael Scanlon who impressed Jason not only with his work as a video producer but also his varied background in both motion-graphics and web design along with an energy and creativity that I will bode well for this project His comedy short #$@&%*! has been picked up by Nick Bucci, a freelance videographer and drone operator in Maine who owns Bucci Productions, which specializes in commercial, short, and documentary filmmaking. Nick impressed Jason with a couple of shorts that he made recently that were very clever and showed his offbeat brand of humor will be a good fit for this script. Jason's short comic fantasy Straight Talk with Suzie and Santa has been picked up by Kari Layland, a photographer and filmmaker from Minnesota and owner of Kari Layland Photography, a portrait studio in the Twin Cities area. Jason fell in love with an experimental short Kari made recently which he found fun, lighthearted, and whimsical - just what he has been looking for with this script.

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Jason Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, TN. He is also a wilderness guide, nature photographer and award-winning journalist. His first produced screenplay was the 2009 feature comedy Lucky Fritz starring Corey Feldman and Julia Dietze. Since then he's won Best Screenplay honors at the Nashville Film Festival, San Diego Film Awards, Mountain of Laughs Comedy Fest, TSA Screenwriting Awards, and Artlightenment Film Festival, and is a seven-time finalist of the Nashville...Read more