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Lily Blaze Options "Understatement"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Lily Blaze who's optioned her script "Understatement" to Andres DB. A crime short about how one woman wants to do the right thing while her friend wants to get rid of a dead body and the moonlight reveals a shocking truth about justice, the script will be translated to suit a Spanish-speaking group of acting students before being scheduled to shoot in November.

Reflecting on her experience, Lily says, "It's funny how things work out. I didn't like writing shorts. It took me a few years to get the hang of it. Writing shorts was a chore for me, I didn't enjoy it at all. I kept trying, giving up, working on other projects, tried again. Nothing seemed to work for me. Then one day, something clicked in my mind and I wrote my first original micro-budget short, 'Understatement'. I decided to make it available for free, it's only 2 pages and I had a lot of fun writing it. It wasn't that long after that Andres contacted me. He agreed to give me screenwriting credit. They start filming in November. Thank you for creating this wonderful platform. Next on my long list, creating an IMDB profile..."

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I write dark and weird stories. Sometimes cross genres between horror, fantasy, drama, scifi. If you downloaded and read any of my scripts, have comments, feedback, complaints, or just want to chat about the weather, send me a message. I'm interested in what you have to say.

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