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Zack Zupke Options "The Confession"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Zack Zupke who's optioned his script "The Confession". The script, a short drama with the logline "Family confession day comes but once a year for a small southern family, but once too often for an abusive father figure with a secret weakness." has been picked up by Little Flame Films based in Bristol, UK. 

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I am a Los Angeles-based writer. With a degree in journalism, news writing and editing gave me a superb foundation for my love of story and telling it via the written word. I have written several TV specs and two TV pilots along with several features. The three featured on this site: the "The Confession" was optioned by Little Flame Films July of 2021; "Brandy" is a sitcom pilot that has placed well in several contests; and the sci-fi/thriller feature "Battle Of Wills," which placed as a...Read more