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The Curse of Digi-Everything


The double edged sword of our new digital world. That's the topic for John Hunter's latest blog and something I imagine we've all had to consider. The barrier has been lowered so we can submit instantly via email, but then it's lowered for everybody and does that make us any better off? I have to admit, sometimes I long to be twenty years younger and ten years wiser, living back in the late nineties when you had to put a lot more legwork into being rejected - CJ

“I have been overwhelmed by the response…”

The above is the the opening line in a email I received in response to my query about no or low pay gig doing a re-write for an Indy Feature.

The email continues…

“…as it was picked up a few places and now I'm filtering through maybe 100 (or more) emails (no exaggeration). Thank you so much for replying, but do give me some time to work this out. I'm honored so many like the initial concept. I'll circle back if we are going to take it to the next step.”

I here confess I have no idea what the “initial concept” might be beyond Steam Punk - A subject which has only recently crossed my radar: An alternate reality where steam is the major or only power supply. A place were the ladies dress like old West barroom gals and the guys wear stovepipe hats, googles and carry funny looking guns.

The person who sent the emailed response enjoys my limitless gratitude. They took the time to acknowledge my existence. 

I chewed and chewed on this experience until my brain spat out what I’m calling The Curse of Digi-Everything Theory.

Was it not this same evil digi-everything that enables you and me to dash out scripts? The complicit digital internet that allows you and me to respond to advertisements for open writing positions and make unsolicited queries? And might I add, without so much as a postage stamp which might have conceivably employed an artist, an engraver and a printer. 

Was it not my digital submittal which added to the great flow of digital flotsam and jetsam which ultimately overfilled this poor overwhelmed filmmaker’s inbox?

So it seems, this evil and omnipresent digi-everthing is a sword sharpened at both ends. It cuts both ways, both for and against us.

Now that we have identified this menace, should we be frightened? Hide under the bed, drink more, drink less?

One of my favorite constants in life is “Everyone has to be somewhere doing something all the time.” Of course that something might be living in your mother’s basement, smoking dope, playing video games OR writing scripts. My point being, there you are and you’re doing something. 

Where does all this digi-everyting take us? To a better tomorrow or to the dump?

Will we all be made redundant and unemployed by this vile digi-everything like what Amazon is doing to old fashion brick and mortar retailers? 

Now follow this to the end…What will we do with all the unemployed and as such, undesirables? The video gamers, dope smokers and aspiring scriptwriters?

WARNING: Shameless Self Promotion. With all of this sloshing around in my head, I’ve written an ultra low budget, 6 page, short which addresses one possible outcome, “In the future, undesirable and non-productive people are deleted from the gene pool.” 

I here invite you all to do the same. Look this digi-everything beast in the eye and tip your hat. And please remember, we all gotta be somewhere doing something all the time.

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Ah, yes, that double-edged digi-sword. One side being instant gratification, and the other a quick and painless death. Gone are the days of long, drawn-out weeks and/or months of anticipation. All the while wondering if 'this is the one' before having our hopes and dreams dashed upon the rocks.

Now we can play the numbers game and subject ourselves to more frequent floggings in the hopes that if we buy more lotto tickets, our ship will come in. Scratch the right combination and win!

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The takeaway for me is there's just so much stuff out there producers and filmmakers are overwhelmed. From their prospective, it's like "trying to take a sip from a fire hose."