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In a world full of sound, A deaf man struggles to find an emotional connection and has given up on love. But love hasn't given up on him.

9:00 AM

An Original Short by
Muhammad Castallani

In a world full of Sound, CHARLIE, 25, is an attractive Designer who happens to be deaf. This has caused him to struggle when it comes to finding an emotional connection and has given up on finding love. Until one day, love found him. AMANDA, 22, bumps into Charlie when both were late for work. Revitalized, Charlie goes on journey to find Amanda but when his search starts to interfere with his career, Charlie must understand the importance of letting go to get what you need

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The Writer: Muhammad Castallani

My name is Castallani and i go by Castle. I'm currently a film student in Indonesia. Being a much more proficient in English than I am with my native Indonesian really makes it rather difficult submitting my scripts locally since most of my scripts I write is in English thus the only way to get my stories out is via online media. Any feedback to my work is greatly appreciated, so feel free to drop some by Go to bio

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