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An oppressed Woman struggles to find her inner strength and resolve to defy her parents and follow her own path, until one day she meets a terminally ill screenwriter who lives life to the fullest

Beyond Letters
An Original Screenplay By
Muhamamd Castallani

We find ADAM (30) and NADIA (27) in a car on the way back from the hospital. An eerie silence fills the car only broken by the sound of Nadia's sobs. Adam's Cancer has progressed, giving him at most, a month to live. They reminisce about happier times of when they're first met. At a local park 3 years ago, Adam was first diagnosed with his cancer and was suggested to start exercising, while Nadia was on her morning run. They bumped into each other and instant attraction. Adam was an Aspiring screenwriter while Nadia was an Accountant. Unlike Adam, Nadia was never given the choice to pursue her dreams and passion which is Cinematography. Nadia always had a love for cameras ever since she was a child, but her parents never supported her and forced her to be what they want. They bonded over the three years despite knowing that Adams Days are numbered.

Adam suggested a trip, just the two of them. He wants to see places before he dies. Nadia was reluctant at first, citing Adams health reasons. A few days later Adam meets his friend MIKE (31), who's director and asked him to direct his last screenplay about Nadia, Nadia told her friend ARINI (28) about Adams trip proposal, she's afraid if that would be their last moments together, she's afraid once they return home he's gone. Sam convinces her that he's going to go. Nadia finally relents and accepts Adam trip.

Adam plans to go to Yogyakarta and stay at the Parisian style guesthouse of HELEN (35). During the trip, They run into an eccentric peddler of antiquities, CASTLE (55), and he gave them a bunch of postcards. Adam and Nadia shares their last getaway as a couple and Nadia finally accepts Adams mortality. Afterwards, Adam succumbs to his cancer and Nadia mourns. A few days later, whilst cleaning up Adam’s belongings, Nadia finds the postcard from Castle, along with a letter. Adams final request was for Nadia to return to the places they visit and take the exact same photo as in the postcards and never be afraid to follow your passion. Even in his final days, all Adam thought about was Nadia, how she has given him happiness for joy in an otherwise grim reality.

Nadia goes on the trip again and fulfill Adams last wish, during which she has finally found her inner peace, with her passion, and most importantly her resolve. When Nadia returns, She faced her parents, outraged they went into a rage, yet Nadia stands by her decision and leaves. She meets Mike and mike offers her Adam’s last script “Final Wish” and a part on the cinematography team. A year later at the premiere of the film, Nadia invites her parents to the screening, halfway to the film Nadia parents realized their mistakes, moved by the film, they apologized to Nadia ad finally supports her on her dreams.

Submitted: May 30, 2018
Last Updated: July 9, 2018

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The Writer: Muhammad Castallani

My name is Castallani and i go by Castle. I'm an Indonesian screenwriter/fimmaker/videographer all that stuff. Started out from casting untill comfortable enough of my writing to be a screenwriter. Currently work as a freelance videographer while still trying to make time for making films either shorts or feature film. Also planning a youtube channel go check me out @Castle and Films Premiering in August 2019 Go to bio

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