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A Girl To Love

A misfit young man, prone to fantasy and hallucination, finds a new family when he latches on to a beautiful hustler, her little sister and their crew's illicit underground delivery service.



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A Girl to Love is a feature film about a man who battles his demons to find purpose and a new family by protecting an eleven-year-old girl. It's an offbeat noir crime drama, with an irreverent sense of humor, and a dash of magical realism - set in a gritty working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn

Silver Linings Play Book meets The Professional with a bit of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


A misfit young man, prone to fantasy and hallucination, finds family when he latches on to a beautiful hustler, her little sister and their crew's illicit underground delivery service.


A Girl to Love is a story about a young man’s journey to find his purpose. He is challenged with mental illness, an antisocial disposition, and a crappy family life. He is alone in a fantasy world of poker and hallucination.

During a raid on his poker room, he reconnects with and old high school friend and her little sister. They pull him into their world of illicit deliveries and underground dealings. When a deal goes bad and they end up on the run, he must pull himself together to protect his newly found family.


TOMMY (28), gets a beating in a back alley by SAMMY and his COUSINS. Tommy is protecting LG, a 12-year-old girl, who sneaks out of the alley. We jump back to…

Tommy lives in his parent’s basement in a working-class neighborhood. His old-school DAD and overbearing MOTHER just want him to be “normal”, but he’s off his meds and wrestling with fantasy and hallucinations. Tommy’s only friend, an imaginary 6-foot statue of Michelangelo’s David follows him everywhere; From winning big poker tournaments in an underground poker room to teetering on the outer edge of the Brooklyn Bridge, contemplating his suicide. Tommy is alone in a world that makes no sense to him.

CALI (28), was left to care for her little Sister, LG, when their mother died. Cali and her boyfriend/business partner, SAMMY (29), run an illicit underground delivery service. She is trying to bank up enough money to get a better life for them. That includes, stealing her “fair share” from Sammy. Cali and Tommy were friends in High School, but haven’t talked in years until...

They meet up again during a raid on the poker room and slip off together into the night. With the poker room shuttered and Tommy having nowhere to be, he debates his next move with David in the club bathroom. David wants Tommy to remain in his fantasy world where it’s safe, but Tommy wants to make a real connection. He tells David to fuck off and follows Cali into her world of illicit deliveries and dangerous partners. Tommy and Cali try at romance. Tommy and LG find true friendship -- the family he never had.

After a string of oddball deliveries, they go on a big prescription drug drop. Tommy sits outside in the getaway car with the bag of meds. Cali realizes Sammy is skimming from the delivery and setting Tommy up as the fall guy. Back in the car, a thug slips a steel wire around Tommy’s neck and chokes him. Cali rescues Tommy by smashing her car into Tommy’s car, and they drive off with a million dollars in meds. Sammy and his cousins follow in hot pursuit. Tommy and Cali realize Sammy is going after LG and they race to get to her first. Tommy pledges to protect LG, the one thing in life he really cares about.

Tommy gets them out of the city to safety, where they hide out in a cabin and have a moment of simple family life. They play Jenga and drink wine as LG falls asleep in Cali’s lap.

Cali, the ever-restless spirit, sneaks out at night and hatches her own plan to sell the meds off and get a new life. LG wakes, scared, in the dark looking for Cali, but only Tommy is there to console her. They talk and laugh as LG falls back to sleep.
When Cali stumbles back in she reveals her plan to Tommy. Tommy tries to talk Cali out of it, but it’s a done deal with or without him. Tommy goes along to protect LG.

The next morning, they pack up the meds and head out to a diner for the drop. Sammy is tipped off about the deal and he shows up too. During a classic Mexican standoff, LG strolls into the diner and has a seat. The bad guys go for LG, and Tommy freezes up. David appears but he cannot stop them from grabbing LG. Only Tommy can save her. He hurls himself into Sammy and frees LG. They all scatter out of the diner and into…

Tommy and LG hide in a back alley. Sammy and his goons chase them down. They corner Tommy in the alley as LG hides behind a dumpster. Tommy takes a beating so LG can escape.

Cali wanders the streets in her car looking for LG. She spots LG running and swings her car around almost hitting a pole. Another of Sammy’s goons pops out of an alley and pursues LG. Cali swerves to hit him, but this time she wraps the car around a pole. A constant CAR HORN RINGS OUT. Sammy and his goons give up the pursuit as they gather around Cali’s car. Sammy is broken up at the site of Cali slumped on the horn. His goons scramble to grab the meds that have scattered across the floor. Sirens approach and squad cars round the corner… LG escapes.

Three days later, LG sits by Tommy’s side at the hospital. She undoes his IV and slips him some clothes. Tommy and LG make their way through the hospital and out to a getaway car. They drive off into their new life.

Moments later… A nurse makes the rounds and finds a six foot statue of David in Tommy’s bed.


Thomas (28), a scruffy loner whose mundane life is interjected with fantasy and hallucinations. His parents just want him to be ‘normal’, but his only friend is an imaginary six-foot statue of Michelangelo's David. Thomas spends his days asleep and his evenings playing cards. He’s off his meds and adrift in a world that doesn’t make sense to him.

David (520), a six-foot statue, is Thomas’s imaginary friend. A biblical hero, immortalized by Michelangelo, living in the mind of a guy from Brooklyn. David helps Thomas navigate his life and win at cards. He keeps things tidy and safe for Thomas, but he’s cast aside when Thomas decides to get a real life.

Cali (27), an impulsive beauty who likes to play all the angles. She and her ‘boyfriend’ Sammy, run an underground delivery service. Cali was left to care for her little sister at a young age. She skims money from Sammy in a plan to disappear and find a better life for her and her little sister LG.

LG (12), a latchkey kid, in Dr Martin boots and a Nirvana t-shirt. She was 'raised', by Cali, which means growing up fast and too much time on her own. LG is clever and irreverent, but like any twelve-year-old, she wants to be safe and loved. LG and Thomas become fast friends.

Sammy (29), a slick looking hood, runs an underground delivery service. He likes to believe he’s a revolutionary and captain of industry, but really, he’s a delivery boy. Sammy loves Cali, but he’s too obsessed with himself for that.

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3 recommends from various coverage service
Quarter Finalist in the 2020 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest
Quarter Finalist in the 2021 Los Angeles International Screenplay Contest
Finalist in the 2021 Reno-Tahoe Screenplay Contest

Submitted: August 5, 2020
Last Updated: November 22, 2021

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The Writer: Joe Thayer

Corporate drone by day. Screenwriter by night and on lunch breaks, the toilet, etc... I am a student of film and story, learning and breaking the rules. My script, A Girl to Love, has gathered four recommends and recently placed in the quarter finals of Scriptapalooza's 2020. In 2021 I was hired to write a feature script for a production company in New York/Scotland. I like to write films that connect with our humanity through the characters that walk among us -- like the next Punch Drunk Love or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Go to bio

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