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A Lesson On Dying



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Pearl cannot face her dying mother until she gets a much needed lesson from her father.

Pearl's mother is coming home to die, and Pearl hates her for it. While Pearl's brother tiptoes around his fear, her father tries to be a rock when he's in a hard place, and Pearl's best friend Felicia tries to be there for her; Pearl is busy hiding behind backhanded quips, anger, and the right dress for dinner. What is the "right dress" for when your mom is dying? And why won't Felicia just walk away from this? These are the questions asked and answered in this short film. Here are only a few lessons, on dying.

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The Writer: Jessica Waters

I write stories that matter, so that the world can begin to understand the necessity for valuable representation of marginalized communities. I am a queer black woman, and that is essential to how I approach my writing; whether it be through characters, settings, or experiences. All my short films are for sale or free(if we reach a credit aggreement). There is value in collaboration, and I am always open to work with other writers, creatives, or producers so we can do the work that needs to be done. Like all writers I would love to see my work produced so please contact me if you have any questions. 

If you would like to direct/produce one of my short films, please get in touch... Go to bio

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