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A recently widowed father puts his parenting skills to the test when his 11-year-old daughter gets her period.

Elwood returns home to find Carson, his cocky son, tapping away at his phone and listening to music. Meanwhile, Taisha is sitting upstairs on the toilet unsure of what she should do now that she's started her period. Elwood searches the closet for pads but only comes up with tampons, so while he goes to Rite Aid to buy some, Carson is left to deal with Taisha on his own. Both Carson and Elwood struggle to manage their respective situations. Elwood is frustrated, confused, but certain that he can manage this one simple task. Carson is overzealous and nervous that he has failed as an older brother. When Elwood returns home from a successful trip, the trio is all relieved that they have weathered the storm and will continue to learn how to reinvent themselves as a family.

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A recently widowed father puts his parenting skills to the test
when his 11-year-old daughter gets her first period.

Butterscotch by Jessica Waters opens benignly enough.  Fifteen year-old Carson Slone at the kitchen table, ignoring homework in favor of messing around on his phone. 

Then his construction worker father Elwood rushes in, out of breath.  Elwood asks, “What’s wrong?”  Carson points to the ceiling. 

Elwood runs upstairs, knocks on the closed bathroom door, and asks his eleven year-old daughter Taisha if she’s OK.

There’s blood.  On my underwear.

Oh, baby.  It’s okay.  I’ll…

Elwood doesn’t know how to deal with this kind of situation.  In life, he’s always been gruff and to the point.  A born disciplinarian.  His wife was the sensitive one.  But she’s dead now.  So Elwood springs into action, frantically rummages through his wife’s old things, and even miraculously finds a box of tampons. 

But after trying to read the directions, he has to enlist Carson’s help. 

Writing's tiny as hell.

Carson reads the directions and grows nervous.  

Is this safe?

Of course, it's safe, it's...

But now Elwood’s not so sure, so in a mad dash, he races off to the local drug store to find something appropriate for Taisha to use for her first time.  There, he endures judgment inquiries from another customer. 

All the while, back at the apartment, Carson tries to comfort his sister as best as he can.    

Elwood and Carson aren’t perfect, but they’re trying.  This kind of plot could’ve easily been mined for laughs, but writer Jessica Waters instead chose to focus on the sincerity of the moment, and the result feels like an episode of This Is Us played out at a breakneck pace.

Butterscotch is heartwarming, sweet, and far from saccharine.

Review by B. S. Carter
Submitted: July 8, 2019
Last Updated: July 23, 2019
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The Writer: Jess Waters

I write stories that matter so that the world can begin to understand the necessity for the valuable representation of marginalized communities. I am a queer black woman, and that is essential to how I approach my writing; whether it be through characters, settings, or experiences. All my short films are for sale or free(if we reach a credit agreement). There is value in collaboration, and I am always open to working with other writers, creatives, or producers so we can do the work that needs to be done. Like all writers, I would love to see my work produced so please contact me if you have any questions. If you would like to direct/produce one of my short films, please get in touch with me... Go to bio

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