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A recently widowed father puts his parenting skills to the test when his 11-year-old daughter gets her period.



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Elwood returns home to find Carson, his cocky son, tapping away at his phone and listening to music. Meanwhile, Taisha is sitting upstairs on the toilet unsure of what she should do now that she's started her period. Elwood searches the closet for pads but only comes up with tampons, so while he goes to Rite Aid to buy some, Carson is left to deal with Taisha on his own. Both Carson and Elwood struggle to manage their respective situations. Elwood is frustrated, confused, but certain that he can manage this one simple task. Carson is overzealous and nervous that he has failed as an older brother. When Elwood returns home from a successful trip, the trio is all relieved that they have weathered the storm and will continue to learn how to reinvent themselves as a family.

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Submitted: July 8, 2019
Last Updated: December 11, 2020

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The Writer: Jess Waters

Jess Waters is a Black non-binary writer who writes stories about queerness, blackness, family, and all the ways that people on the margins of society can find healing and family. Building on their childhood growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, they aim to create characters like themself and those who nurtured their growth as a writer. As a queer Black person, Jess understands how and why representation matters, and makes it their purpose to fight for the opportunity to tell stories like her own, especially stories that detail young Black women’s coming of age in dynamic and compelling ways. Jess has won numerous screenwriting awards including Official Selections at WeScreenplay’s Diverse Voices... Go to bio

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