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Newt is back, this time as a grown up fighting xenomorphs, including two brand new types.

Ellen Ripley wakes up from a nightmare of falling into lava pits and being artificially cloned... Ignoring the two really bad Alien 3 and 4 sequels, I wrote this script moving forward the story as it should have always been. This was before Prometheus and Covenant came out.

Please not this is a 2nd draft only but I decided to stop working on it once I heard of Prometheus being developed.

Set years after Aliens, Newt is now a grown up and reports of incidents on a very special and secretive outer colony lead Newt and her squad mates to travel to the planet of the alien species from the original Alien movie. They travel through an dystopian futuristic landscape to try save research scientists working on xenomorphs experiments, only to realise they were taken for a ride all along...

Submitted: October 16, 2018
Last Updated: October 16, 2018

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The Writer: David Serafim

I am an amateur writer that enjoys scripting as a hobby and for fun and learning, nothing too serious. Feel free to submit feedback, even if negative. I like mostly sci fi and thrillers and dark psychological movies. Go to bio