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‘Six British guys travel to Amsterdam on the weekend of a lifetime, but when it goes sideways, they need to rely on each other if they are to survive their last night in one piece.’

Act 1: David
* David is lying on a gurney, rushing into hospital, heavily bleeding.
* Flashback to before he goes to the airport, at his parent’s house - giving us insight into his character and life - revealing that his parents are strict and disapproving of his life choices as a whole
* It’s also revealed that his parents are having issues

Act 1.5
Back to the present, and we first find Eddie running into an abandoned nightclub, to find cover following an incident that occurred involving them (but at this point we don’t know what)
* He has a bullet wound in his left arm
* Jason enters soon after, with possibly broken ribs, and they begin to try to make sense of what happened
* James then enters the scene, who is the only one who hasn’t suffered any injuries - explaining how he managed to escape - this gives us the first glimpse into the incident
* Taylor regroups with them after, where Eddie suddenly attacks him, hinting that he may be partly responsible

Act 2: Eddie
* A flashback to the day of the flight -where Eddie is conversing with his mother, where its revealed that he’s the most reckless of the group, with his anger issues and inability to hold money.
* It’s also revealed that he’s having issues with his girlfriend due to him confronting someone who had been harassing her.
* And the circumstances of how the trip came about - David celebrating the passing of his exams, and his parents paying for the trip - giving them the choice of Amsterdam or Ibiza

Act 2.5
* The guys are still in the bar, nursing their injuries
* Eddie laments that they should of chosen Ibiza, believing that they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in - he’s also beginning to hallucinate due to the blood loss
* The guys begin to fracture as they continue to blame each other for the incident (which at this point we don’t know why)

Act 3: Taylor
* A flashback - Taylor waking up next to his girlfriend on the day of the flight
* Return to Amsterdam and the guys are in a coffee shop enjoying a joint.
* Questions are posed to Taylor when he makes eye contact with a beautiful girl in the shop, and covertly gives him her Instagram.
* Later, when he’s getting ready to go out and hit the town with the guys, he’s texting her rather flirtatiously.
* They arrive at the club, and Taylor continues texting her, and spots her on the dancefloor.
* As the night goes on, they get progressively closer, and results in them kissing.
* Taylor goes to get another drink, and he runs into a group of Dutch guys, and one of them, their leader, Erik, acting aggressively towards the girl.
* Taylor stands his ground, and the guys, seeing that he’s in trouble back him up.
* This culminates with a massive brawl, which leads to Eddie getting shot in the arm, David getting stabbed, and Jason leaving with broken ribs, bringing the story full circle.
* Later, back in the warehouse bar, Benny joins in, giving them the news that David might not survive his injuries.
* They are attacked again by the returning group of Dutch boys, who almost kill Taylor, until Eddie intervenes by shooting and killing the leader, Erik.


* The guys are at the airport, ready to return home, nursing their numerous injuries.
* They make a pact that they are to never speak of the events of the weekend; ‘What happens in ‘Dam, stays in ‘Dam.’

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Submitted: October 9, 2019
Last Updated: December 3, 2019

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