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Next Goal Wins



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A local team must prove their supremacy when challenged by a mysterious group of players.

We start our story with Jamal, who joins his teammates for their usual game.

However, as he takes to the field, another team strides onto the field; but this team moves faster and stronger.

Their leader, Jenna, has her eye on Jamal's teammate, Becky, the most technically gifted player on the team, to Jamal's disagreement.

As Jamal and co practice, Jenna challenges the team for their territory and supremacy.

Feeling threatened, Jamal accepts the challenge on the team's behalf, which Becky reluctantly goes along with. The team starts poorly, going 2-0 down, before Jamal pulls one back. As they begin to gain momentum, one of Jenna's teammates rashly tackles Becky, injuring her, and going 3-1 down in the process. Jenna then taunts the team, which forces Becky to return to the game, but go 4-1 down in the process.

Frustrated, one of Jamal's other teammates, Chris manages to get the team to 4-2, which makes the team realise that they can't win by trying to play their game, using their streetwise to outmanoeuvre their opponents. With renewed confidence, they drag themselves to 4-4, leading them to the deciding goal, where the 'next goal wins'.

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I've attached myself to direct the project.

Submitted: June 16, 2019
Last Updated: October 10, 2019

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The Writer: Teddy Njuguna

Storyteller. Writer. Creative. I love writing scripts from scratch, and creating universes from the ground up. I don't believe in genres. My ultimate ambition in life is to see one of my own scripts come to life through the medium of film and television. Influences include Aaron Sorkin, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Edgar Wright and Matthew Vaughn. Please drop a like if you enjoy my stuff, any feedback and improvements are always appreciated! Go to bio
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