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In a small town where nothing happens, wishing for something to happen can be a big mistake.

In a small town, where nothing happens, Ally and Denise complain about the boredom. They listen to random conversations in
a bar, and decide to follow Dan and Julie, to a barn, where Dan accidentally kills Julie in a fight, when he impales her on
the end of a broken pitchfork.

Dan believes Julie is dead, and instead of calling an ambulance or the police, he drags her body out of the barn, across a field,
to an old abandoned well. All this time, he is watched at a distance by Denise and Ally.

Dan drops the body down the well, but it only falls about ten feet down, as there are piles of soft rubbish throw down the well,
up to that height. Dan then walks away from scene.

Denise and Ally approach the well. Denise lowers Ally down into the well. Ally can see that Julie is still just about alive. She
stands Julie up and Denise tugs her out of the well. Julie is still alive, but she expires in Ally's arms.

The police are called and Sheriff Palmer arrests Dan.

There is a trial, where Dan is acquitted of Second Degree Murder but found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter. Much is made of
him not realizing Julie was still alive as he dragged her across the field and dropped her into the well. He is sent to prison
for three years.

Denise and Ally visit Dan in prison, as they think it was unfair he got sent to gaol, as it was self-defence.

When he is released, Denise and Ally allow him to stay at their place.

Ally reads online that the well has been cleared of rubbish and is now 30 feet deep.

Dan is visited by the ghost of Julie who asks him to explain his actions. She points out to him and to Ally and Denise that
she could have been saved if they had called an ambulance before Dan threw her down the well.

Julie's ghost has no redress for what happened and haunts the three of them, urging them to commit suicide by jumping down
the well. They refuse.

Julie's ghost then haunts them, causing them to be involved in accidents which kill all three of them.

Julie's ghost can now find peace, and she rises up and disappears.

Submitted: March 23, 2020
Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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The Writer: Peter Gartner

I wrote a few screenplays a while back, but now I have a place to submit them. At the moment I am painting in watermixable oils and have a gallery at FineArtAmerica. I am concentrating on art now, but if there is some interest in my screenplays, I could submit more. I start with "The Lightship". I have now posted some more. I want to create original scenarios with surprises for the audience. I do not want my scripts to be predictable. The unusual is always best. A script should be a journey. You don't know the destination, but you will enjoy the journey getting there. I like to explore the psychology of my characters, to give the story more depth. Also, there is now a link to my paintings... Go to bio

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