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A street magician must win a big Vegas magic contest in order to help his estranged con artist father whose former criminal associates are looking for payback.

Do you believe in magic?

HUEY DAVIS a young street magician does. He performs close-up magic for Vegas tourists and dreams of showcasing his illusions in a Las Vegas showroom. Huey sees his dream on the horizon when he competes in a Master Magician's contest with a one million dollar prize and an exclusive contract to perform at the Lucky Seven casino.

Huey dedicates himself to winning the contest but when his estranged father, EDDIE is released from prison things get complicated. Eddie, a former master magician, still maintains that he was framed for embezzlement by his partner, ARNIE LASH, but Huey refuses to believe him.

TONY and BIG WILLIE, low level thugs, demand a cut of the embezzlement money they believe Eddie has stashed away. When Eddie claims there is no money, Tony threatens to make his own magic - to make Eddie disappear. Huey must win the contest.

Huey battles Vegas' top performers, a biker magician, a computer wizard, a Playboy Bunny illusionist and a mysterious addition to the contest, EL DIABLO.

During the competition, Huey realizes that El Diablo, through the black magic of plastic surgery and liposuction, is his dad's former partner. Huey begins to suspect that his father's claim to innocence is true.

To reveal any further how Huey designs the ultimate illusion, defeats El Diablo and forges a new relationship with his father would be -- well like a magician giving away his secrets.

The Written Image Awards: First Place
Nevada Film Commission: Top Ten Finalist
Nicholl Fellowship: Quarter Finalist

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Submitted: May 16, 2020
Last Updated: May 21, 2020
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Last Downloaded: May 25, 2020

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The Writer: Michael Elsey

Michael Elsey is an educational consultant and director of digital media by day for a nonprofit educational organization based in Chicago. He carves out hours of his night to write. Then time also has to be made for Netflix, The Criterion Channel and Hulu. His scripts have won a variety of screenwriting contests. His self published novel With or Without Pulp is available on Amazon. He is a member of the WGA West Independent Writers Caucus. He is currently finishing a second novel and fleshing out a treatment for another screenplay. Go to bio

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