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Angel Three

1987. A female agent must guide a crucial witness and a priceless document from East Berlin to the West.



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East Berlin, 1987.

Lina works in a tiny office equipped with three telephones coloured blue, green and red. From here she provides assistance and advice to undercover Western agents working in the East. She begins her shift by reading about two new enemy operatives: one a red-haired woman codenamed Raven, the other an assassin named Tempest.

Lina is soon contacted by Clara, a terrified Berliner who seems to have been recruited by an American agent and believes the Stasi are on to her. Control – Lina’s superior – isn’t convinced that Clara is worth their time but Lina discovers that she might have information regarding Tempest. Control agrees to let her guide the helpless Clara to the American embassy.

Lina then receives a call from a male agent codenamed Sunshine. He has acquired a document connected to a KGB operation in Switzerland and needs help investigating exactly what occurred.

While trying to assist both Sunshine and Clara, Lina reflects on events in her own life. The trauma of a recent abortion leads her to thoughts of a disastrous romance made more difficult by her hazardous profession.

When Clara’s attempt to reach the American embassy fails, Control decides that they can do nothing more. But Lina has built a bond with Clara and guides her to a covert site where she obtains a gun to defend herself. Lina is convinced that Clara can help them identify Tempest; she persuades Control to open ‘Gold’, a secret tunnel that leads to the West.

By liaising with Sunshine and studying the newspapers and intelligence records in her office, Lina discovers that the KGB operation might be connected to the Sandoz chemical spill – a Russian attempt to divert attention from the Chernobyl disaster. Eager to use the document as leverage over the Soviets, Control instructs Lina to also guide Sunshine to Gold.

A tearful Clara makes contact. She has killed a Stasi agent and been wounded herself. As Lina helps her treat and dress the injury, Clara loses consciousness. Lina fears that all is lost but the plucky amateur calls back. Lina reassures her that she can reach safety – the tunnel is close.

As Lina waits to hear if Clara and the Sandoz document have made it to Gold, she is contacted by another agent; a woman whose awful desperation encapsulates the trials of those fighting the good fight in East Berlin.
Sunshine calls. He’s dying. He’s been shot by a red-haired woman who now knows the location of Gold and has fled with her prize.

The realisation of the deceit crushes Lina. All her efforts have done nothing more than help enemy agent Raven ensure that the Sandoz document never reaches the West.
She retrieves a gun and leaves the office. Is she going to kill her nemesis – or herself?

Submitted: October 3, 2020
Last Updated: April 20, 2021

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The Writer: Nick Brown

Nick is the creator of the Agent of Rome novels (historical fiction) which concluded with book 7 in 2019. The series was described as 'gripping' by The Times and has been translated into Spanish and Dutch. The sci-fi thriller Five Below was recently optioned by RedOne Studios via Script Revolution and is now in pre-production. The Cold War thriller Angel Three has recently been optioned by Bunk 11 Films of Canada. Nick is also Narrative Designer for Clued Upp , the phone mystery game. The mysteries he has written have been played by over 500,000 gamers in over 40 countries. Nick is represented for film and TV by the Blake Friedmann Agency of London. Go to bio
Agency: Blake Friedmann
Agent: Julian Friedmann

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