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Five Below

The five most powerful beings on Earth are not superheroes. They are prisoners.



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During a near-future war, Sergeant Dane Clark is assigned to a secret underground facility. Here he meets his superior, Major Mckinley, and Dr. Norton, who is studying the prisoners.

'The Five' are kept in reinforced cells and are referred to only by their numbers. One does not feel pain. Two is resistant to disease. Three is a Japanese assassin with remarkable physical strength. Four possesses the power of telekinesis. Five is a teenage telepath. The American government keeps them here as a last resort - for the Western Bloc to throw against the Eastern Alliance.

Days later, an enemy bombing raid strikes the naval yard that supplies power to the facility. Though there is a reserve array upon the island above, Clark and Mckinley realise how precarious their situation is. Without power, the security systems will fail and the prisoners might get free. There is, however, a 'failsafe' – an explosive device that will flood the facility and drown everyone inside.

The soldiers' growing friendship is threatened when Mckinley discovers that Clark has been covertly reporting back to their superiors. But the senior man understands that the young sergeant is just following orders. When both reveal the personal tragedies that led to this perilous duty, they only become closer.

When the reserve array fails, Clark is sent up to investigate. The array has been sabotaged and is beyond repair. Clark pursues a shadowy figure, who falls from a cliff. Searching the body, Clark discovers a photo of Five - the saboteur was a desperate father trying to rescue his daughter.

Returning to the detention block, Clark finds a scene of chaos. With the power sources disabled, Three pounds his way out of his cell while Four tears his apart. Fortunately, power is restored just in time and a crisis averted.

But that night, Dr. Norton betrays her colleagues. She has fallen under the spell of Four and attacks Clark before disabling the security system. Mckinley and Clark arrive too late to stop Three and Four escaping their cells. Mckinley orders Clark to free One and Two and seal the detention block. He buys his friend time but now Mckinley is trapped. Three attacks and beats him within an inch of his life. Four watches admiringly but is forced to decapitate the rampaging assassin when he proves uncontrollable. Dr. Norton pleads for Mckinley's life but the merciless Four kills his former captor in spectacular fashion.

Using Norton as a hostage, Four persuades Clark to open the detention block door. Though devastated by the loss of his friend, Clark has no choice but to cooperate. Norton has served her purpose, so her ruthless ‘lover’ kills her. Four also murders One and Two but Clark sets a trap for him. With his powerful enemy wounded, Clark activates the failsafe and frees Five.

They try to escape but Four bars their way. A titanic battle ensues, with Five eventually seizing control of Four's mind. She wills him to pull his heart out of his body, killing him at last. As the floodwater threatens to overwhelm them, the young pair escape and at last reach the surface.

But there is a final twist to come ..

Submitted: February 26, 2020
Last Updated: January 20, 2021

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The Writer: Nick Brown

Nick is the creator of the Agent of Rome novels (historical fiction) which concluded with book 7 in 2019. The series was described as 'gripping' by The Times and has been translated into Spanish and Dutch. He has also written five feature screenplays for clients in various genres. Two of his own scripts have previously been optioned. He is represented for film and TV by the Blake Friedmann Agency of London. Go to bio
Agency: Blake Friedmann
Agent: Julian Friedmann

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