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A notorious demon must find a stolen weapon before two warring sister-goddesses destroy all life on earth.



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Set in London and across the Middle East, Asmodeus is an action-adventure, love story about gods, demons and retribution.
Schuster, a demon turned watchdog for the Anunnaki, is tasked with keeping certain artifacts in the mortal world from falling into the wrong hands. But, because he was once Asmodeus, an infamous Demon of Lust, he must also serve penance -- penance being a loveless existence if only to serve his masters.

This all changes, though, when a life-giving stone, one of many brought to this planet, is stolen. Determined to get it back, he crosses paths with Mirabel, a brilliant geneticist, on a desperate hunt for a cure. One look, one excruciating kiss and their fates are sealed forever.

Caught in the crossfire of an ancient struggle between gods and demons, Asmodeus must choose. Let the world burn, or risk eternal suffering in the underworld to save the woman he loves.

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Submitted: March 18, 2023
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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The Writer: Noel Hoffmann

Mary Noel Hoffmann was born on a U.S. Army base in Okinawa, Japan and has seen decades of transition in her lifetime. So, its fair to say that when she sees people broken and beaten down who otherwise might be something great, she simply has to do something even if all she can do is write. You see, she believes that media is the way of change and is so powerful that to use it for anything less than the greater good is a disservice to all those who could benefit from it. It is with this in mind, perhaps she, too, can make a contribution. Go to bio

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