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Dispatched to a rural town to solve a murder, a haughty investigator and his headstrong protege find the locals anything but helpful as their 'simple' case quickly complicates.

Bardstown is a neo-noire western story in which a city Investigator named Tuttle and his protege Foster are dragged to a small town to solve the murder of railroad scout Booker Brown. On their journey, they meet resistance as the small town turns out to be rather unhelpful. A lack of leads, a town that doesn't want them there, and insufficient fervor plagues the duo as they struggle to crack the case.

7-25-19 I just received many notes from another writer named Kirwin Sullivan and will be working on this script for a little while. While it is fully readable and enjoyable, note that it is going to be changed a bit. Thank you for withholding final judgement. Enjoy.

9-9-2019 Update: I am still working on it, but on a delayed timeline because of the new semester. End transmission.

11-10-2019 Update: Patient Check up- Writing has become a slightly higher priority as of this week. I've actually been able to work on it some more recently. Depending on if I follow through with a specific major change I've been thinking of then it may be a hot minute before it gets sent out, but if I continue on the condensing route I'm blazing currently then hopefully this will be OVER & OUT.

1-16-2020 Update: Life is pain, existence is suffering, but the "final" draft is "nearly done!" Don't blame me. Blame Kurt Vonnegut for making me decide to read nearly his entire bibliography. In all seriousness, I've also been having issues on how I want to structure it. As soon as I straighten out a couple of scenes and their chronology I'll go ahead and push it out.

1-20-2020 Update: Going ahead with pushing out another draft, big changes have arrived in the structure of the story. I've also trimmed it from 141 pages down to a more readable 112. The dialogue is not polished and there's still some work that needs to be done but I think I'm going to shelf this for a bit and work on some other stuff. Be it another feature or some other shorts. I really want to expand on (and possibly shoot) Hitchhiking on Boar's Lane, but that's where I'm at now.

Submitted: July 11, 2019
Last Updated: January 24, 2020

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The Writer: Andy Gutterman

It's me, Andy. I'm glad you've finally arrived. Welcome to my historical log of screenwriting progress; I'm still an amatuer writer so proceed at your own risk. Over and out. Go to bio

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