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Battle Of Wills

Will Donnor, 2090's most feared hitman, creates two clones of himself to make life and love easier, but they only make it more complicated. Especially when he must kill them.



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Batman Meets Bond Meets Blade Runner

Cloning is illegal in 2090, has been for 25 years after the government shut down the biggest and most dangerous industry on the planet. But there are underground cloners and 2090's top hit man Will Donnor finds the best. He clones himself to make life and love easier, but his two mirror images only complicate the fuck out of matters. One clone goes rogue and Will embarks on the ultimate hit: himself.

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Submitted: September 5, 2016
Last Updated: July 16, 2021

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The Writer: Zack Zupke

I am a Wisconsin-based writer. With a degree in journalism, news writing and editing gave me a superb foundation for my love of story and telling it via the written word. I have written several TV specs and two TV pilots along with several features. The three featured on this site: the "The Confession" was optioned by Little Flame Films July of 2021 and produced as "Confession Day." Watch the trailer !; "Brandy" is a sitcom pilot that has placed well in several contests; and the sci-fi/thriller feature "Battle Of Wills," which placed as a quarterfinalist on Stage 32. While I'm not a fan of Top Movie lists, I've found you can learn a lot about a person based on their faves. Cheers to... Go to bio

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