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Bedaya (pilot)

In post-apocalyptic Arabia, the discovery of a new planet sets warring tribes on a race of cunning political maneuvering, social conflict, and violence.



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Long periods of war in future Arabia have resulted in its regression back to a violent tribal system. With atmospheric conditions preventing crops from growing, and dwindling stock of rations from the good old days, the small remaining population of the Tribal Lands has lost all hope. Until Shim Hayet, known as the greatest mind in the Lands, discovers coordinates that might lead to the planet, Shamseen, long thought to be a children’s tale.

Realizing that whoever arrives at Shamseen first will plunder its resources and hold control over planet Earth, the dominant and bloodthirsty La Shimshaaq tribe concocts a sinister plan to keep their enemies close. Spearheaded by the terrifying leader, Shim Nishtar and his advisor, Kullam, they resurrect a defunct peace agreement between the tribes, terming it the Future Accord. The tribes, which are in a state of cold war against each other, agree to abide by the laws of this Union, pledging their resources to help build a flying machine that will take all their people to Shamseen.

Meanwhile, Jawwara, a gifted and brave teenage girl who had been Shim Hayet’s protégé since childhood, refuses to help La Shimshaaq take their bloodlust to Shamseen. Bidding goodbye to her ailing tutor, she ventures beyond the mysterious borders of the Tribal Lands in search of another way to get to the planet: on the back of the flying creature known as Barkaz – another children’s tale.

With Shim Hayet and the most soldiers in their possession, La Shimshaaq are seen as firm favorites to build the machine and arrive first at the new planet. But it all falls apart when Shim Nishtar’s reckless son, Shim Artar and his manipulative wife, Sim Harraya, execute Shim Hayet on charges of hiding Jawwara, a valuable resource to the Union.

With Shim Hayet gone, the tribes realize that Jawwara and Shamseen can be theirs for the taking, intensifying the race to find the genius teenage girl who will guide them there, and unleashing political and social upheaval the likes of which the Tribal Lands have never seen.

Submitted: June 6, 2021
Last Updated: June 6, 2021

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The Writer: Mohammed Isa

Screenwriter and author. Written several screenplays, short scripts, and self-published two books. Screenplay titled "+-" was produced into a full-length feature film in 2019. A silent drama about a man who wakes up in a room without doors and windows, and only a rat for a friend. +- was a Finalist at RTF Real Time Remote Access Edition, and was the Official Selection of Lift-Off Film Festival London 2019 and AFRIFF Nigeria 2019. Go to bio