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Beneath the Churchyard Tree

On the brink of retirement, a Seattle police detective's last murder case spirals into unsettling darkness, uncovering a grave of bodies belonging to the nation's most prolific serial killer. *WARNING - Graphic Content*



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This script contains pervasive language and graphic depictions of sexual violence that may be disturbing for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Thomas Horn lives a normal American life, except for a dark secret, he's a serial killer. Hiding in plain view, he tries to keep normality while continuing his terror on society. He's married to the perfect wife and has two beautiful daughters who think he's the perfect dad.

Detective Hilky is always two steps behind him but is slowing down on the brink of retirement. As he gains a new recruit, Detective Eggleston, the cold case breathes new life to corner Horn into making his biggest mistake, dating Eggleston's sister. Horn is exposed and the race against time to save Eggleston's sister begins. The detectives corner him into an abandon apartment building, and Eggleston's sister ignites a fire, leading Horn to fall to his death.

Before the detectives can rest, a new serial killer spreads through suburban Seattle, making a reluctant Hilky choose this case over retirement and his family. As the most sadistic murderer the country's ever seen, the child killer pulls the detectives into madness and despair. Eggleston questions his academy training as he sees the crimes of Seattle go unpunished.

As the detectives lose hope of saving innocent children, they uncover an underground trafficking ring, spreading deep within the heart of the country. When the detectives bring the new killer into the media spotlight, he changes his MO and begins a suburban killing spree. Putting their morality on the line, Hilky and Eggleston question their methods and their sanity to stop a monster.

Submitted: May 3, 2018
Last Updated: December 4, 2019

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The Writer: Matthew Carlson

Screenwriter with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Studied neuroscience and bio-psychology, which place an importance on chemical reactions in the brain, which in turn cause emotion and behavior. Through the chemical components which make up neurotransmitters, individuals can learn the spectrum of human interaction and common drives for basic physiological needs. Screenplays focus on the psychosis of characters and how their actions affect the behavior and thought-processes of others, which will in turn affect themselves. Interested in criminal behavior, and understanding the reasoning behind initial deviant behavior and reoffenders. Scripts include an emphasis in horror and thrillers... Go to bio

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