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Blood Crazy

BLOOD CRAZY Phil’s wife, Rebecca, has just inherited a fortune. Their marriage is on the rocks, so Phil hatches a fiendish plot to kill Rebecca, frame his lover, and get his hands on the money………….



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‘Blood Crazy’ is a psychological thriller full of twists…..a ‘film noir’ mystery of seething sexual eroticism, incest, double crossing, deceit and murder

Phil is married to Rebecca. They are both hospital doctors. Their marriage is on the rocks due to Phil’s womanising and he has been having a long standing affair with Felicity[Flick] his sister-in-law. Phil’s sister, Julia, is a hospital nurse.

When her Aunt Cecilia dies and leaves her a fortune, Rebecca tells Phil that if he doesn’t mend his ways she will cut him off without a penny. Phil has a history of domestic violence. Phil and Rebecca get their kicks from watching and re-enacting murder scenes from old ‘noir’ movies and filming them.

Phil embarks on a steamy affair with Gabby, a nurse. Gabby’s husband, Jez, used to be a male nurse but was framed two years before by Phil for giving the wrong dose of vaccine to a child when it was Phil’s fault.

Gabby and Jez hatch a plan to blackmail Phil but the plan goes horribly wrong when Gabby is brutally battered to death and Jez is framed for the murder.
Jez phones an old friend, Eddy Boyle, for help. Eddy is a Private Eye and ex-cop.

At the same time Rebecca contacts Eddy to shadow Phil because she wants proof of Phil’s affairs before she starts divorce proceedings. There is a mutual attraction between Rebecca and Eddy.

Eddy arranges a ‘honeytrap’ for Phil but he doesn’t bite.
Flick’s jealousy now becomes overpowering because Phil has ended their affair and so she threatens to tell Rebecca about it.
Phil dreams up a plan to kill Rebecca and let Flick take the rap.

Flick arrives at Phil’s house one evening after he has told her that Rebecca is away visiting her grandfather. As they are settling down for the evening Rebecca storms in and pulls a gun. Rebecca says she is going to give them both an overdose of diamorphine which she has stolen from the hospital pharmacy. Flick, who is neurotic anyway, is on the edge of hysteria. But this is all a put up job. Rebecca puts the gun down and stands back and laughs. Phil and Rebecca have been filming this scene so they can watch it again and enjoy the moment. In a moment of hysteria, Flick grabs the gun and shoots Rebecca dead although she thinks that it is a stage prop and only fires blanks.

This is the ideal outcome for Phil because Rebecca is dead and Flick is responsible for her murder. He then casually phones the police.
Fortunately Eddy is one step ahead of them.
In an explosive final scene Phil’s murderous past and his incestuous relationship with his sister Julia are revealed.
When they realise that their plot has failed, Julia shoots Phil and then herself dead.
But is Rebecca really dead?

Submitted: September 5, 2017
Last Updated: September 5, 2017

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The Writer: Ed Penney

I have been writing part time for over 20 years and full time for the last eight. I am a published novelist. My bittersweet comedy-drama 'Butterfly in Shades of Blue' gained a 'highly recommended' from Fringe Review at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. I have written over 20 short screenplays and 18 feature screenplays, two of which have been optioned. Several of my short screenplays have been shot and are on Youtube. ['Still Life'...a 5 minute drama and 'That's what friends are for'....a 25 minute black comedy.... both Red Bullet Films] Go to bio

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