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Night Of The Skinwalker

Trish is travelling in a car that accidentally kills a Native American and she soon discovers that the Skinwalker legend, when a demon is summoned to exact revenge upon the guilty, is anything but folklore.



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Trish Hernandez, a 19 year old half-blood Navajo psychology student, is a passenger in a car that is involved in a road traffic accident when an old Native American [Billy Johnson] is killed.
Kenny Anderson, the driver of the car in which Trish was travelling, was drunk and forced Billy's truck off the road.
It was the night of the Blood Moon when, according to Navajo folklore, bad things can happen.
Kenny tells his four student friends [Ross, Alice, Sally and Trish] who were in the car that, as there were no witnesses, they must stick together and tell any police investigation that they travelled down that lonely road half an hour or so before the accident.
Kenny leaves an empty whisky bottle in Billy's cab to suggest that Billy was drunk.
Professor Dean, Trish's psychology lecturer, tells his students about phobias and autosuggestion.
Dakota Clark, a half blood Sioux, half blood Navajo, rookie cop is asked to investigate.
The five friends stick to their story about what happened that night.
But then Alice is found dead in her bed. There are no marks on her body. She has been asphyxiated and she had a phobia about spiders.
When Dakota questions Trish there is an obvious mutual attraction. They discuss the Navajo folklore that SKINWALKERS [half wolf/half bear] can be summoned by a Native American shamen to bring down retribution on those who commit crimes against their people.
Dakota finds out that Billy Johnson never drank whisky. He finds tire tracks on the road that belong to Kenny's Ferrari.
Then Sally is found dead. She had a phobia of CLOWNS. Half her face has been blown away.
The college is locked-down by the police.
Kenny is brought in for questioning but his father, a Senator, pulls rank to stop the investigation.
Then the mutilated body of Ross is found in his room. Ross had a phobia of small spaces and had nightmares of walls closing in on him and crushing him to a pulp.
Sam Kelly, the chief of the local Native American tribe, is brought in for questioning. Sam admits to being responsible for the deaths of Alice, Sally and Ross as revenge for the death of Billy Johnson.
Sam is locked up in the cells of the police station.
But then Kenny is found slashed to death. He had a phobia about doctors. Sam escapes from his prison cell.
Despite the police giving Trish around the clock protection, Trish is abducted. Dakota gives chase.
TRISH is being buried alive in a WOODEN COFFIN by a SKINWALKER Her worst NIGHTMARE.
Sam Kelly grapples with the Skinwalker but is killed.
Dakota shoots but the bullets have no effect. He shows a CRUCIFIX and the SKINWALKER turns tail and runs off.
Trish is saved but as the Skinwalker runs away its face transmogrifies into the face of PROFESSOR DEAN.

Submitted: September 7, 2017
Last Updated: September 7, 2017

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The Writer: Ed Penney

I have been writing part time for over 20 years and full time for the last eight. I am a published novelist. My bittersweet comedy-drama 'Butterfly in Shades of Blue' gained a 'highly recommended' from Fringe Review at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. I have written over 20 short screenplays and 18 feature screenplays, two of which have been optioned. Several of my short screenplays have been shot and are on Youtube. ['Still Life'...a 5 minute drama and 'That's what friends are for'....a 25 minute black comedy.... both Red Bullet Films] Go to bio

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