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Tobey Plomo’s life changes radically after a blood transfusion. But, his quest for answers throws him into a spiral mess of conspiracies and horrors, which can even spread beyond the realm we know.

Tobey Plomo is an introspective, shy and reserved engineer, stuck in a dead-end job. But, when an accident causes him to need a blood transfusion, his life is changed beyond his wildest dreams. All of a sudden, he is dynamic, proactive, determined and ambitious; a go-getter who reaches the top positions in the multinational company where he works way faster than he could have possibly imagined.

Suspecting the blood he received in the transfusion is the responsible for his newfound capabilities, Tobey searches for the mysterious donor of such blood. But, his investigations lead him to a dreadful underworld of indescribable horrors, when he is kidnapped and thrown into a dark place of torture and suffering, being subjected to cruel and horrible experiments.

However, Tobey is rescued from hell by the one person he least expected to see – the donor of the blood he was so desperately seeking – Lucille Jeneuve, number one tennis player in the world. Lucille reveals she also suspected that the blood she received so early in life was responsible for her great achievements so far. She had donated blood in secret, to see if the receiver of such blood would also become a better person somehow, an action that brought terrible consequences to Tobey, making him a target for evil forces.

Nevertheless, understanding the reasons of his new partner, Tobey decides to team up with Lucille, and together they try to find the origins of their so mysterious and miraculous blood. But, they are mercilessly hunted down by powerful forces that want to keep the wonderful properties of the blood under wraps. A demon of ancient times who calls itself Manissaba is summoned to capture Tobey and Lucille. In exchange, the demon is promised the soul of Tobey, when he is no longer required for experimentation. After a battle that almost cripples Lucille and costs Tobey’s soul, the demon is defeated.

Tobey and Lucille want answers, now more than ever. In a very risky move, they return to the compound they escaped from earlier, the same place where Tobey was kept prisoner and experimented on. They find out the compound had been abandoned, but amazing discoveries and items left behind lead them to believe the blood in their veins may have extraterrestrial components. Such belief is confirmed when they are abducted by aliens.

They are returned to Earth, but Lucille is not the same. She turns Tobey in to the forces chasing them, believing that’s the only way to put an end to their dilemma. Tobey finds out that Lucille’s father, Senator Jeneuve, is the man behind the whole nefarious project involving the blood. He cannot cope with Lucille’s betrayal.

Senator Jeneuve takes Lucille to top-secret facilities, where an extraterrestrial being is kept prisoner. However, aliens of the same species as the captive one manage to follow Lucille to such facilities. These aliens seize the place and release their friend. It is all part of a deal Lucille made with the space travelers when they abducted her, intended to find and release the kidnapped extraterrestrial being. Senator Jeneuve remains untouched as part of the deal, but not his torturing cronies.

With the help of the aliens, Lucille saves Tobey. He reveals he suspected right from the start that was all a plot by Lucille. He never thought, not even for a second, that Lucille could betray him. Now, more than friends and adventure partners, they are also madly in love with each other. And together they continue their quest for answers, which is far from over.

Submitted: April 3, 2018
Last Updated: May 28, 2019

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The Writer: Marcos Fizzotti

Marcos Fizzotti worked with telecommunication for many years before trying his luck in the writing world. He writes books since 2002 and developed a taste for screenplays. Marcos is currently working with translation and he is a big fan of John Grisham and horror movies, with a particular interest in zombies. Movies were always his passion. So, he figures it is right about time to get out there and start fulfilling dreams, entertaining and getting messages through in the process. The best way to know a person is by reading what he/she writes, so welcome to the adventure! Let’s make the world a better place by the power of a movie screen. Go to bio

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