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Till Death Do Us ONE

Alex’s and Sophia’s married life is paradise, until the murder of two women followed by necrophilia crosses path with them. In this boiling cauldron, Alex’s love for Sophia turns into obsession, bringing dreadful consequences.



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Sophia is a painter who struggles to sell her paintings, also seeking recognition as an artist. Now, thanks to her new art dealer, Jacques, her dreams have a real chance to come true, for he can have her work exposed in important galleries, both in America and Europe. And if things are going well professionally, nothing can possibly compare to her heavenly married life. Her husband Alex, a prominent surgeon, is also the most perfect definition of a dreamboat – he is devoted, kind and deeply in love with his wife.
Alex maintains a collection of rare knives and a gun for protection.

In another development, one specific murder case puzzles Homicide Detective Fred, especially because the perpetrator killed his female victim so he could have sex with the dead body. The victim is a young woman named Veronica. Having to deal with necrophilia for the first time in his career, Fred now has to hunt the most insane criminal.

Sophia is tormented by very disturbing dreams. In vague and nebulous memories, she finds herself having sex with a person she is not able to identify. Such dreams or deliriums repeat themselves, so she seeks professional help. The psychiatrist, Doctor Arturo Rossi, treats the problem as nothing more than fantasies, but Sophia does not accept his interpretation, for the dreams are too vivid.

Sophia is also confronted by Eva, a problematic woman who claims she was raped by Alex, Sophia’s husband. Eva admits she has no evidence to corroborate such accusation. According to Eva, she and Alex - her boyfriend in high school - had recently met in the hospital he works, at Eva’s request. She needed somebody to talk to, after a traumatic divorce. Eva says that Alex took her to a private room, doped her up somehow and had sex with her while she was sleeping. Sophia does not believe a word she says. Sophia harshly advises Eva not to do anything as stupid as ruining a man’s career only on conjectures and dreams.

When confronted by his wife, Alex admits he met with Eva, but vehemently denies the rape. Sophia believes her husband. However, she is intrigued by the fact she and Eva seems to be having the same kind of erotic dreams.

Sophia, Alex and Jacques attend an art exhibition in an important gallery, intended to show Sophia’s paintings. Eva also shows up, invited by Jacques, her new boyfriend. Eva is drunk and once again suggests that Alex raped her. She and Sophia have a more serious argument, while Alex and Jacques almost end up in a fist fight. In the end, Eva is escorted out of the gallery by security guards.

Later that night, Eva is found dead in her house. Detective Fred is also in charge of this case. Evidences indicate that Eva was killed so the assassin could have sex with the dead body, suggesting that the murderer is the same person Detective Fred is already chasing. Fred might have a necrophiliac serial killer in his hands. Fred finds out that Eva had talked a lot on the phone with a certain Alexander Fleming (Alex), a prominent surgeon. Detective Fred questions Alex and Sophia in their home, but he is not quite convinced by their story. It is revealed that Jacques (Sophia’s art dealer) also knew Veronica, the victim of the other murder case Fred is also investigating. Jacques then becomes a common element between Veronica and Eva.

Sophia finds out that Alex took pictures of her naked, while she was sleeping, and saved such pictures into a memory stick, all without Sophia’s knowledge, or permission. Sophia chooses not to confront her husband about it, but she takes this whole boiling cauldron to her psychiatrist, Doctor Rossi. He tells her how those events she described resemble necrophilia. Sophia finds such comparison rather disturbing.

Both Eva and Veronica were stabbed in the chest. By examining the cuts on both victims, the police coroner determines such cuts were made by a very particular knife. Detective Fred calls Sophia to once again talk about the night at the art exhibition, the last place Eva was seen alive. Fred is not happy about some mismatches between Sophia’s and Jacques’ stories. Fred is particularly worried with the fact that Sophia did not tell him about the argument she had with Eva down at the art exhibition. Nevertheless, Sophia stands her ground and insists that her story is the right one. She also takes that opportunity to ask Fred if there is a substance that can make a person lose consciousness and not have a clear memory of what happened. Fred tells her about Rohypnol, the date rape drug, which shocks Sophia.

Thanks to Jacques, Sophia’s paintings will finally be exposed in Europe. She will have to spend some time there with Jacques. By hearing such news, Alex takes on a nasty edge. Sophia’s success frightens Alex. He fears losing her. All that love dedicated to her was for nothing. He has to find a way to make things as they were before.

Sophia comes home one evening and finds out that Alex had prepared a special dinner just for the two of them. Preparing for such dinner, Sophia finds a bottle of Rohypnol among Alex’s things. Sophia remembers her erotic dreams and panics. Even so, she gets dressed and to the living room she goes.

At the same time, Detective Fred receives an e-mail from the coroner, containing drawings of the knife used by the necrophiliac killer. He remembers seeing such rare knife in Alex’s collection. He rushes to Sophia’s and Alex’s house.

Sophia meets Alex in the living room, suspecting that dinner is a setup to kill her. A confrontation follows. Alex reminds her of the great love he feels for her, but he acts oddly. Believing Alex is sick, Sophia asks him to seek professional help. Nevertheless, Alex insists that things can be how they were before. He reaches into his jacket pocket, and Sophia thinks he is about to grab the knife to kill her. She shoots him dead before he has a chance to do it. Sophia observes her husband’s corpse. Detective Fred breaks into the house. Sophia claims self-defense, saying he was going for the knife to stab her. But, the detective searches the body and finds no knife. Sophia is shocked. Detective Fred finds the knife and places it on the dead man’s hand. Sophia kisses her dead husband in the mouth, knowing that he let himself be killed, so she could live. Sophia suffers, but also lives a beautiful, endless love.

Submitted: May 17, 2018
Last Updated: February 19, 2021

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The Writer: Marcos Fizzotti

Hello, I'm Marcos Fizzotti. I worked with telecommunication for many years before trying my luck in the writing world. I write books since 2002 and developed a taste for screenplays. I currently work with translation. I’m a big fan of John Grisham and horror movies, with a particular interest in zombies. Movies were always my passion. So, I figure it is right about time to get out there and start fulfilling dreams, entertaining and getting messages through in the process. The best way to know a person is by reading what he/she writes, so welcome to the adventure! Let’s make the world a better place by the power of a movie screen. Go to bio
Agent: Naresh Malik

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