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Blue Butterfly - Inspired by a True Story

At twelve she lost her sight. At fourteen she won a landmark settlement. At twenty they declared her incompetent. Now, Rebecca Meadows is fighting back against the Guardian determined to keep her under his control.



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Inspired by a True, Because Your Blind

Twelve year old REBECCA MEADOWS awoke from a coma to the horrible truth that she was blind. With limited resources and the help of an ambitious attorney TOM SCHMIDT, her mother successfully won a lawsuit for the misdiagnosis of Rebecca’s brain tumor. The landmark settlement should have helped Rebecca and her family find peace and a way to move forward, but the windfall only proved to complicate her life further.

As Rebecca moved into adulthood, desperate for love and acceptance, she found herself being pulled back into court by her parents and declared incompetent. The courts then locked her under a Guardianship with care providers managing every aspect of her life.

In spite of living under this prison-like situation, Rebecca found love and was “allowed” to start a family with JEFF, proving herself to be a competent wife and mother. After questioning the validity of the Guardianship, she is met with abusiveness from Tom and denied access to the money from her trust account. Rejected by every lawyer in town, she stumbles upon GERRITY, an inexperienced attorney eager to become her David against Goliath.

While tensions rise in an impossible-to-win two-day court battle, Rebecca retreats inward where she reconnects with her child-like self. This DOPPELGÄNGER, created in the gloomy sinkhole of Rebecca’s fractured psyche, helps her search for the truth about her loss of independence.

Submitted: December 9, 2021
Last Updated: June 13, 2022

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The Writer: Geno Marx

Geno Marx is a screenwriter, director, and editor living in Arizona with his wife, children and two cats. He wrote, directed, and produced the short film CAPSIZED . The film was an Official Selection at over twenty film festivals and won Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design. Geno wrote 18% based on his own experience with having an extremely premature child. The screenplay was nominated for Best Dramatic Scene and Best New Writer from Action on Film and won the Best Drama award from Reel Authors, Best Feature Screenplay from WMIFF and was nominated for Best Drama at Bare Bones. Most recently he wrote the award nominated screenplays, BAD BLOOD and KILLING JACK . His debut... Go to bio
Agent: Seeking Representation
Law Firm: Harris E. Tulchin & Associates
Lawyer: Harris Tulchin
Manager: Seeking Representation

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