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Killing Jack

A top assassin never expected her estranged husband would be her next hit, but after he robs the Cartel she must defy their orders to keep him and their daughter out of the crosshairs.



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Cuba. Bang. New York. Bang bang. DC. Bang bang bang. EMILY has been at the top of the killing game for a long time. Earning herself the Cartel’s affectionate nickname Lady of the Dead. With little attachments and a busy work schedule, the last thing on her mind is early retirement. But when her employer, SANTIAGO, seeks retribution for a cyber theft that could jeopardize their entire operation, she discovers that her next target is her own estranged husband JACK and their young daughter SAMANTHA.

Desperate to stay one step ahead of her employer, and a young rival assassin named MORRIGAN, Emily abducts her husband and daughter to keep them safe. With the help of her handler ZAYNE and Jack’s hacker buddy DOM, the unlikely trio embark on a road trip across state lines and down memory lane.

As tensions rise in the car and the body count grows in her rearview, Emily realizes the only option is to give the money back to spare her family. But Jack has a plan of his own and needs to pay off his debt to a mobster known as the BOSNIAN BUTCHER before they can all be free. Meanwhile, Samantha just wants her mother back and to know why she abandoned them in the first place.

When AGENT PRICE, Cartel thugs and Russian heavies close in on Emily and her family at a swanky hotel, all hell breaks loose. In the chaotic aftermath, Jack is finally taken into custody, Dom is left for dead and Morrigan has taken Samantha hostage.

With no where left to run and desperate to save her daughter, Emily knows there is only one thing left to do. Show them all why she is called the Lady of the Dead.

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Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition 2020

Submitted: December 9, 2021
Last Updated: December 9, 2021

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The Writer: Geno Marx

Geno Marx is a screenwriter, director, and editor living in Arizona with his wife, children and two cats. He wrote, directed, and produced the short film CAPSIZED . The film was an Official Selection at over twenty film festivals and won Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design. Geno wrote 18% based on his own experience with having an extremely premature child. The screenplay was nominated for Best Dramatic Scene and Best New Writer from Action on Film and won the Best Drama award from Reel Authors, Best Feature Screenplay from WMIFF and was nominated for Best Drama at Bare Bones. Most recently he wrote the award nominated screenplays, BAD BLOOD and KILLING JACK . His debut... Go to bio
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Law Firm: Harris E. Tulchin & Associates
Lawyer: Harris Tulchin
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