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Two troubled high students create a list of targets and go on a killing spree; one boy has a secret agenda.



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A small mid-west city is terrorized by a string of savage murders. The lead Detective, Scott McDowell is getting nowhere. He has also been spiralling into deep alcoholism since his own wife's unsolved murder 12 years ago.
Scott's son Corey is very close to his maternal grandmother. She has been teaching him classical piano to keep him focused and has been his confidante and unwavering support person since his mother's murder.
Corey has befriended a new kid at his high school, Patrick Steubens, son of a single mother with a bad reputation. Corey acts like a second big brother to Patrick's 12-year old brother, Josh. The teen boys are ostracized at school and Patrick has been getting unwanted overtures from a perverse gym teacher. Corey has been his source of strength and he would do anything for him - even murder. They both feel they have nothing to lose.
They make a list of people who need killing and pledge to “ride or die” if caught. They murder by slashing and have a carefully executed plan for cleanups. Scott is getting nowhere in his investigations.
Corey and Patrick have a list of their targets- cheating spouses, loose women, perverted teachers. and they are meticulous in their system. but soon things begin to unravel.
A partner of Scott's, a likeable young guy, finds the boys out one night and they have to eliminate him. Patrick starts to wobble after killing someone they knew .
Scott does some serious day-drinking. The police department brings in a cold case profiler which upsets Scott.
On a day off from school, Corey is teaching Patrick self-control, when a flirty teen comes over and kisses Patrick as a joke. This infuriates Corey and he adds her to their list. Patrick is sickened when they murder a classmate as most other targets have been strangers.
Patrick wobbles more...and his depression is getting obvious. He wants out and Corey reminds him of their pledge – partners to the end.
Corey kills Patrick.
After Patrick's death and funeral, Corey becomes focused on his hatred of both his father and the guidance teacher. He intends to get rid of both of them in a contrived scheme but timing is everything. He goes over to the guidance teacher’s house with plans to set him up.
Scott starts to figure things out and he finds even more damning evidence in Corey's room.
Corey meanwhile, is at the teacher's house and he has lost his sense of reality. He knows he has to kill Wallach and frame him for the murders. Scott bursts in just at the moment Corey stabs Wallach. In his frenzied state, Corey still manages to gather his wits and know that he may be able to commit the perfect murder, set up the perfect foil and have his final revenge for his mother’s murder. He saw his father kill his mother twelve years ago and has kept it bottled up,
Father and son have their final reckoning. Scott is dead, Wallach is dead and Corey goes to his grandmother's. Grandma welcomes Corey and congratulates him for a job well done.

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Austin International - Semifinal - 2021
Big Apple AGENTS AND MANAGERS - Semifinalist 2021
Breaking Walls Thriller - Finalist 2023
Los Angeles Crime and Horror - SemiFinalist 2022
Page Turner - Quarter Finalist 2022
Reno Tahoe Finalist - 2023
Tatras International Film Festival Finalist - 2022
Vancouver Independent SemiFinalist - 2021
WRPN Womens International - SILVER - 2021
Your Script Produced - SemiFinalist 2022
Coverage ISA
# 27 on Coverfly

Submitted: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 20, 2023

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The Writer: Madeline Hombert

Madeline is a Canadian writer/producer/director. Credits include cowriting and producing two full length feature films distributed worldwide, and writing a short film (CATAMORPHIS) that she also directed. Her short screenplay, KATIES LAST DANCE, has placed first in festivals and her screenplays written with Michael Markus (BOARDGAMES, MADE OF HONOUR) have also been festival winners. THE CHRISTMAS CON was a table read at Peachtree Festival, Atlanta. Both writers are also published authors. Madeline studied screenwriting with Robert McKee at Ryerson College, Toronto; directing at seminars helmed by Peter Deluise and others in Vancouver. She is a member of... Go to bio
Law Firm: Stringam,LLP, #101, 10126 - 97 Avenue, Grande Pairie,AB T8V7K6
Lawyer: Cliff Headon

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